over 500 Air Rifles, Pistols and Airsoft guns

Why Choose Surplus Store UK?

Surplus Store is a family run business est. 1961 and still in the same hands. Over the last 20 years we have evolved to include the web-site you see here... Originally trading in 'true' Army Surplus we've supplied our share of history, Levi Jeans, Ben Sherman Shirts, Harrington Jackets and we'll still order in the Monkey boots if you need them. We now have over 500 Air Rifles, Pistols and Airsoft guns on display! Yes we actually counted them!

If you're an Air Weapon shooter check out our wall of rifles, with Air Arms, BSA, Weirhauch (and many more!) sporting and hunting rifles & pistols. Co2 pistols & rifles from your back garden plastic plinker to full on pest control. If it's Airsoft you're after we have anything from your starter plastic springer upto the purebreed Tokyo Marui Next Generation Recoil guns, stopping at Krytac, G&G, Nuprol, ICS and King Arms amongst others on the way through. If you're just starting out we have our in house 2 tone service so you don't have to start with any less a RIF than you want to along with all the accessories you need to get you out in the field shooting! Not a shooter? We have bushcraft knives and survival equipment, archery & crossbows, work wear with safety toe boots & shoes and even some martial arts training equipment if that floats your boat!

We aim to have everything we show on our website in stock so, unless it says otherwise, if it's online it's instock. If in doubt give us a call on 01293 525880.

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