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Silencers and moderators are popular accessories for owners of air pistols and air rifles as they allow you to customise your air weapon experience. We offer a range of silencers to ensure you can find one that’s compatible with your air gun.

Do You Need an Air Gun Silencer?

Because silencers obviously limit the sound of gunfire, they can be useful additions if you use your air rifle when hunting small animals and want to remain hidden.

They can also be beneficial for those that practise shooting at home and don’t want to disturb the neighbours.

Check out our guide to air gun silencers for more information about how and when to use one.

Air Gun Accessories

If you want to fully kit out your air weapon beyond a silencer, shop our range of air weapon accessories that’ll help you get the perfect shot every time.

One of our air gun scopes or aiming devices is a great place to start, although you’ll find plenty more among our range, including holsters, targets and ammunition.

Silencers for Airsoft & BB Guns

Unlike airsoft guns, air pistols and rifles should not be used to shoot people, so you won’t need them to be all that stealthy in this regard. However, if you are an airsoft player and it’s stealth you’re after, an airsoft or BB gun silencer is the ideal solution.

Explore our range of airsoft silencers and moderators to remain undetected on the field and ensure your victory.

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Delryn Airgun Silencer
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