Remington Air Pistols

Remington is America's oldest firearms manufacturer and lays claim to having the oldest factory still producing its original product in the U.S.! Remington is steeped in U.S. history, particularly with the 1911 pistol, which you can see officially licenced versions of below.

Remington has previously bought out the UK company Sportsmarketing (SMK) so you should see many more Remington and Remington branded products popping up!

Take a look at the 1911’s below and see how fantastic these products really are. They offer a real kick with each shot, adding to the authenticity of the gun.

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Remington Talon Wood Grip Crawley Surplus Store
From £119.95
Remington 1911 RAC Tactical .177 BB Blow Back Co2 Air Pistol
Remington 1911 RAC .177 BB Blow-Back Co2 Pistol
Remington 1911 RAC Silver .177 BB Blow-Back Co2 Air Pistol
Remington 1911 RAC Tactical Silver .177 BB Blow Back Co2 Air Pistol
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