Crosman Air Pistols

Crosman is an American company that was incorporated in 1924 and is one of the few companies that started off on compressed air powered guns and actually stayed there! Crosman have been at the forefront of many of the most famous and iconic air gun designs the world over, the multipump designs Crosman came up with have been cloned many times, but not bettered!

Crosman are also the company that introduced the 12g and 88g CO2 'powerlet' or capsules meaning none of our current stock of CO2 powered pistols would be the same without them!

With their range including revolvers, bolt action and multi shot pistols, Crosman provide a range of excellent air pistols for sale, which you can see many of below.

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Shoulder Stock for Crosman 2250,2240,2300 and 1377C
Crosman 357 Triple Threat .177 Pellet & BB Co2 Revolver
Crosman 1377 .177 Pellet Pump Action Lever Air Pistol
Crosman .357 Snubnose .177 BB Co2 Revolver
Crosman Vigilante .177 Pellet & BB Co2 Revolver
 Cowboy .177 Pellet & BB Co2 Air Pisto
Crosman 2300T .22 Pellet Bolt Action Co2 Air Pistol
Crosman GI Model 1911 .177 BB Blow-Back Co2 Air Pistol
Crosman SR 357 .177 BB Co2 Revolver
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