Daystate Air Rifles

Daystate is a key name in the air rifle world, with their rifles introducing revolutionary designs to the market. As the first company to produce the modern pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle over thirty years ago, Daystate has continued to lead the market with their innovative designs.

Continuing to impress with their state-of-the-art air rifles, Daystate air rifles are used and loved by both professionals and beginners alike in the UK.

The best way to see how incredible these rifles are is to try one for yourself, and you’ll quickly understand why Daystate remain at the top of their game and at the forefront of air rifle innovation.

If you would like to see what Daystate has to offer, then check out the range of Daystate PCP air rifles we have available here at Surplus Store below.

Collection and Delivery

Air rifles cannot be sent in the post, due to government legislation, but luckily, we have a range of collection and delivery options to suit you. Our air rifles can be collected from our store or from your local firearms dealer, to whom we can deliver.

If you live within 100 miles of our Crawley store, we are also able to offer you a delivery service for an additional fee.

Can’t See What You Want?

Our selection of air rifles is extensive, so if this brand isn’t for you, then you can explore the rest of our collection online. Here, you’ll also be able to find any accessories that you may need for your air rifle, such as pellets.

If you need further assistance with finding the right air rifle for you, then please get in touch as we are happy to help!

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Daystate Red Wold GP at Crawley Surplus Store
Daystate Wolverine R Grey Laminate edition
Daystate Red Wolf Hi-Lite Midnight Laminate .177 PCP Air Rifle
Daystate Red Wolf Safari Hi-Lite - .177
Daystate Red Wolf Hi-Lite Walnut .177 PCP Air Rifle
Daystate Delta Wolf Black .22 PCP Air Rifle
Special Price £1,999.99 Save £450.01
Daystate Wolverine R Hi-lite Walnut .177 PCP Air Rifle
Daystate Wolverine R Hi-lite .177 PCP Air Rifle
Daystate Alpha Wolf Blue Laminate
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