Diana Air Rifles

Diana have been developing and innovating air rifle technology for over 120 years, and have honed their skills to create some of the highest quality guns on the market today. First founded in 1890, the company was built to ensure shooters would experience precision and high performance regardless of the model they chose.

Those two key principles are what have encouraged millions of people from around the world to turn to Diana air rifles for their unquestionable reliability and quality. Take a look at our Diana air rifles for sale below and experience just how special they are for yourself.

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Diana Model 48 Side Lever .22 Air Rifle
Diana 54 Air King Pro Red Laminate Side Lever Air Rifle
From £715.00
Diana Mauser K98 .177 Under Lever Air Rifle
Diana Mauser K98 .22 Under Lever Air Rifle
Diana 470 TH Target Hunter .177 Under Lever Air Rifle
EMS 34
Diana Mauser K98 .22 PCP Air Rifle
Diana Trailscout Synthetic .177 Co2 Air Rifle
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