KWC Air Guns

See our collection of KWC, Air Guns. We stock a range of other Air Guns online and in store, and if you can’t find what you are looking for please ring us on 01293 525880

Discover the ideal air gun to suit your requirements with our extensive selection of top quality air guns.

With models from recognisable brands like Umarex, Remington and Air Arms, to name a few, you’re sure to find an air gun that ticks all the boxes and keeps within your budget.

Affordable Air Pistols

If it’s an outstanding quality air pistol you’re after, then you’re certainly in the right place. Choose from a great range of CO2, PCP or manual cocking air pistols to ensure you get the best shooting experience.

Affordable Air Rifles

And if you need an air rifle instead? No problem – we also stock a wide selection of rifles from leading brands. Whether you’re seeking break barrel, under lever, pre-charged or CO2 air rifles, we offer something for everyone.

Ammunition & Accessories for Air Guns

To complete your air weapon experience, check out our suite of air gun accessories and ammunition.

With everything from air gun silencers to targets and gun care to essentials like pellets, ammunition and gas, Surplus Store is your one stop shop for stocking up on everything you need as an air weapon owner.

Do You Need a Licence to Buy an Air Gun in the UK?

Before attempting to purchase any kind of air gun, it’s important to review the current laws and regulations. So long as an air gun is not deemed ‘specially dangerous’, you do not need a firearms licence. This category refers to guns that adhere to the following:

- Air pistols must not fire missiles with a kinetic energy that exceeds 6ft lbs.

- Air rifles must not fire missiles with a kinetic energy that exceeds 12ft lbs.

Our air weapons do not exceed these limits.

Please note you will need to be 18 or over to purchase an air pistol or rifle for us. There is also some legislation regarding air weapon delivery that you’ll need to be aware of before buying your gun.

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KWC M45 A1 .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
KWC 24/7 .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
KWC 941 .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
KWC M45 A1 .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol Magazine KW154
KWC 17 .177 BB Blow-Back Co2 Air Pistol
KWC C96 M712 Broom Handle Mauser Style .177 BB Blow Back Co2 Air Pistol
KWC SW40F .177 BB Blow-Back Co2 Air Pistol
KWC TT-33 Single Shot .177 BB Co2 Air Pistol
KWC M1911 A1 Tac .177 BB Blow Back Co2 Air Pistol
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