Airsoft Guns

Surplus Store is your one stop shop for everything you need to play airsoft in the UK. With an extensive selection of airsoft guns, ammo and corresponding accessories, you’re sure to emerge from the skirmish site victorious.

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Guarder Polycarbonate Tappet Plate TM Version 3 GE-06-03
Hawke 30mm Single Peice Match Mount 9-11mm High Mounts HM6148
Sports Match 9-11mm 1" Scope Mounts HT08C
Sports Match HW45 11-13mm 1" Scope Mounts TO6C
Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Pistol Grip and Cheek Piece Black
From £20.00
Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Pistol Grip and Cheek Piece Tan
Bisley Scope Extension Eyepiece 90mm
WE TA 2015 P90 Gas Magazine
WE 'God of War' P99 Style 6mm Airsoft Gas Blow Back Pistol RIF GBB
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The Best Airsoft Guns

We stock airsoft guns from the top manufacturers and leading airsoft brands, so you can be sure you’re getting high-quality pieces of kit no matter your skill level.

Our exciting airsoft range carries something for every kind of player with various different guns available, including:

  • AEGs
  • Gas airsoft guns
  • Spring airsoft guns
  • BB pistols & handguns
  • BB sniper rifles
  • BB shotguns

Explore the Surplus range for all of this and more. We also offer two-tone airsoft guns and realistic airsoft guns.

Budget Airsoft & BB Guns

If you’re just getting into the sport or don’t want to dip too far into your wallet, a budget airsoft gun is the ideal solution. Check out our range of budget spring, electric and gas BB guns to discover something that’ll suit you.

You can also read our guide to air gun and airsoft finance options to find out more about managing the costs of gun purchase.

Ammunition for Airsoft & BB Guns

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to buying the right airsoft ammo, which is why we stock a range of sizes, weights and ammunition types.

Whether you’re after tracer BBs, CO2 cartridges or any other kind of airsoft ammo, we’ve got what you need in our BB, ammunition and airsoft gas selection.

Airsoft Accessories

Once you’ve got to grips with your gun, it’s time to kit it out!

Scopes, tactical attachments and speed loaders will have you beating opponents in no time, while our other airsoft and BB gun accessories, like our maintenance kits and chargers, will ensure you can keep your guns in top condition and performing at their best for as long as possible.

Do You Need a Licence to Buy Airsoft Guns in the UK?

If you want to buy a single-colour realistic imitation firearm (RIF), you need to have a valid UKARA membership, meaning you’re a registered airsoft player at an insured skirmish site.

If you do not have a membership, you can still buy two-tone airsoft guns as long as you are 18 and over.

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