Electric Airsoft Pistols

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect airsoft sidearm or are a beginner in need of something to get you started with target practice, we stock a range of exciting electric airsoft pistols for all levels.

Enjoy impressive performance and fantastic value for money with our diverse selection, including guns from recognisable brands and various accessories. Explore our pistols below to find the next addition to your arsenal.

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Cyma CM.122S P228 Style AEP With Mosfet And Lipo Battery
CYMA CM030 6mm Electric G18c AEP RIF
Delta Tac Yakuza 17 6mm Electric G18c AEP RIF
CYMA CM125 Electric USP 6mm Airsoft AEP Black
CYMA CM030 Tan 6mm Electric G18c AEP RIF
CYMA CM123 Colt 1911 Black Electric 6mm Airsoft AEP RIF
CYMA CM125 Electric USP 6mm Airsoft AEP Two Tone
ASG Mac-10 6mm Airsoft Electric Machine Pistol RIF
CYMA CM122 Electric Sig P226 6mm Airsoft AEP RIF
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Airsoft Electric Pistols For Skirmishers

These electric airsoft pistols pack a powerful punch, offering realism and convenience. Electric pistols are becoming more and more popular thanks to their reliability and easy maintenance. You’ll find various classic styles, including 1911, G18c and P226 options, suitable for a range of preferences and skirmish scenarios.

Maintaining these guns is nice and simple – you just need to make sure the battery is charged, and you’re ready to go. And if you ever need a replacement battery for your pistol, we stock compatible airsoft batteries and chargers to get you shooting again in no time.

If you’re a die-hard gas pistol enthusiast, we stock plenty to intrigue you, too! Check out our gas airsoft pistols.

The Best Electric Airsoft Pistols

CYMA is one of the top producers of electric air pistols, so you’ll find that many of the most popular models in the UK are made by them. Some of our bestsellers include the CYMA P228 replica, CM128 Hi-Capa and G18c – all of which provide spot-on visuals, accuracy and power.

Buying AEPs in the UK

Many of our airsoft pistols are Real Imitation Firearms, allowing you to embrace sleek realism at your next skirmish. However, if you do not have a UKARA membership, you will need to purchase your chosen gun as a two-tone model. If necessary, we can spray paint your pistol to ensure it meets the requirements.
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