Airsoft AK47 Rifles

The AK47 is perhaps one of the most recognisable assault rifles around. Popping up in countless action movies and games, even those with little interest in guns will likely have some awareness of this iconic rifle. Our vast selection of airsoft AK47s and various variants ensures you can experience this famous gun and all it has to offer during your next skirmish.

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Nuprol Romeo Nomad Alpha Black 6mm Airsoft RIF AEG
Toyko Marui AK-47 Type 3 6mm Airsoft Electric Recoil Gun ERG RIF AEG
G&G RK74-CQB With ETU 6mm Airsoft Assault Rifle RIF AEG
Specna Arms SA-J06 Edge 2.0 Aster Edition
KWA AKG-74SU GBR w_ Black Handguard
Well PDW
Double Bell AKS-74U Airsoft Gun (016-1)
JG AK47S Airsoft Rifle With Real Wood Grip
KWA Ronin 47 Airsoft Rifle
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The Best Airsoft AK47 Rifles

Explore various options with wooden stock or full metal frames to find your desired look. No matter which look you prefer, we have plenty of AK variants to help lead you to victory.

Our blowback rifles will give you that realistic feel, enhancing your airsoft experience and making you a force to be reckoned with. We stock options for both AEGs and GBBs.

We accommodate all budgets with affordable AK47 airsoft guns and higher-end models. Our range includes only the best, from brands like:

  • G&G
  • GHK
  • LCT
  • Tokyo Marui

Ammunition for Airsoft AK47 Rifles

Our AK47 are equipped with high-capacity magazines, which you can stock up on with our selection of airsoft magazines.

Buying an Airsoft AK47 in the UK

Our airsoft rifles in this collection are real imitation firearms. So, when buying a replica AK47 for airsoft in the UK, you will need to be over 18 and hold a UKARA membership.

If you are not a UKARA member but are over 18 and would still like to purchase an airsoft AK, you can opt for our spraying services that will turn an RIF into a two-tone airsoft rifle.

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