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Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Veteran M16 6mm Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle RIF AEG

6mm BB Electric Rifle with upto 330fps power and a 300 round high capacity magazine.

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Arthurian Airsoft has released the 'Excalibur' range of AEGs with something for every player. The Excalibur AEGs are all full metal construction with numerous styles of external parts to compliment and individualise every variant. Based off the original Colt M16, this model is one not often seen on the market due to some very small details included with this model, but they make a difference to re-enactors and enthusiasts. The front end of the Veteran has the classic triangular handguard made from polymer for a more comfortable and realistic feel. The flash hider is the original, tri-pronged, tulip and made from aluminium. The front sight post is the 'A-frame' style with a bayonet lug which can accept most rubber/training M7 or M9 bayonets. The upper receiver has a fixed carry handle on the top and adjustable rear sight, with a hole recessed for fixing the Colt 4x20 scope. Another touch added (or removed) is the lack of the forward assist button, much like the original 'VN' M16. The dust cover locks into place and flips down as standard when the charging handle is pulled, this also reveals the hop up unit. When the mock bolt plate comes back, it locks into place so the user can easily adjust the hop up without having to keep pulling the charging handle back. This can be released again by pressing the bolt stop on the lower receiver. The thread on the upper receiver is the standard thread size for most rails designed for airsoft AEGs, making customisation of the rail endless, although it may be considered heresy to do so on the Veteran.

The lower receiver noticeably bears the 'Excalibur' logo laser engraved on the left side of the mag well and the bolt release as mentioned before to release the locking bolt plate. The fire selector settings are engraved with the standard 'Safe', 'Semi' & 'Auto' with a standard selector switch which clicks positively into place with each mode. The buffer tube is 2" (50mm) long due to the fixed stock. It prevents the stock from coming loose and supports the weight in the rear. Although this model is unable to have the E&C (Exchange & Chrono) spring change system, it does have a quick change spring guide and gearbox allowing you to change the spring out quicker than normal gearboxes. You will need to remove the gearbox from the body, but after that, it's as simple as turning the spring guide and carefully letting it out.

The gearbox is very well constructed with components you'd expect from most mid-range AEGs, however, the Excalibur series comes preinstalled with 8mm bearings, a 15 metal tooth piston, enhanced tappet plate and of course the quick spring change system. The stock, like the handguard, is made from polymer and has a very solid feel to it. The rear stock plate is made from aluminum with an easy to open hatch, with plenty of space to insert a battery. The stock is spacious enough to fit a large type 9.6v NiMH battery, meaning fitting any other battery is very easy. The pistol grip is also of the original design making this a very nice replica of the original Vietnam M16, the only difference is that it comes with a 30 round style magazine instead of the short 20 round style we're all used to seeing.

Please note as with all high quality AEG's this does not come with battery and charger.

You MUST be 18 or over to purchase this.

Please note this is a VCRA applicable Realistic Imitation Firearm. You must be UKARA registered (or have a defence under the VCRA) to purchase this as is, for more information please click here. Please contact us or state your UKARA registration number in the comments box when you order.

If needed we can spray this for you (at an extra cost of £10.00) so that it meets the requirements to allow anyone over 18 to purchase this. Please select this option from the menu above.

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Manufacturer Arthurian
Calibre 6mm (Airsoft)
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