Airsoft G36 Rifles

Modelled on the iconic gun from German manufacturer Heckler & Koch, G36 airsoft replicas offer the perfect blend of reliability, easy use, decent power and customisability. This makes them ideal for beginners. With a range of budget options and some of the top airsoft brands on the market, our G36 rifles make for a fantastic starter gun.
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Double Eagle M85 G36c Style IN BLUE 6mm BB Electric Assault Rifle Two Tone
JG G608 G36 6mm Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle RIF AEG
S&T G316 Sportline G36C 6mm Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle RIF AEG
G&G GEC-36 RIS G36 Style 6mm Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle RIF AEG
G&G GEC-36 G36 Style 6mm Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle RIF AEG
WE 999K G39k 6mm Airsoft Gas Blow-Back Rifle RIF GBB
Tokyo Marui TM36K Recoil Shock Black 6mm Electric Assault Rifle RIF AEG
Army G39 @ Crawley Surplusstore
Airsoft Gas Blow Back G36 Replica
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G36 Airsoft Guns

Heckler & Koch are responsible for producing some of the best modern German rifles, so it’s no surprise their legacy feeds into the airsoft community. In airsoft, G36s are ideally suited for new players. They’re solid, reliable pieces of kit that’ll have you racking up skirmish wins in no time.

We stock some great value-for-money options for those just starting out or players on a budget. Many of these airsoft G36 rifles are also ripe for internal upgrades, allowing you to build upon your initial investment. There are also plenty of opportunities for attaching grips, torches, lasers and optics for a fully customised experience.

See our full range of airsoft gun accessories to get kitted out.

Buying a G36 Airsoft Rifle in the UK

Our G36 selection includes some of the leading brands producing G36 replicas right now. Choose from names like JG, G&G, Ares, WE, Double Eagle and more to find the perfect weapon to complete your airsoft arsenal. There is also the choice of AEG or GBB, keeping shooters in both camps happy!

As they’re Real Imitation Firearms, you will need a UKARA membership to purchase one. If you don’t have one but would like one of our G36 rifles, we can spray paint your chosen gun two-toned at a small additional cost to remain compliant with regulations.

If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, why not check out our range of airsoft M4 rifles, too?

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