HPA Airsoft Rifles

HPA, or high pressure air, airsoft guns offer a powerful, exciting shooting experience. These pneumatic airsoft weapons can provide a faster rate of fire, more consistent FPS and quieter, stealthier performance. Explore our selection below for HPA rifles and associated kit, including conversion kits, regulators, tanks and lines.

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PDiK V3 Without Gearbox Shell Mancraft HPA Airsoft
 SDiK conversion kit Mancraft HPA Airsoft
Wolverine Airsoft 10" Forged Edition
 Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380 Shotgun Shell Adapter
Mancraft SDiK HPA conversion kit For L96
Mancraft PDiK gen.3 HPA System With V2 With Gearbox Shell
SP Systems -17 Series HPA Adapter And Magazine
Wolverine Airsoft Billet Tactical Airsoft Rifle
Creeper Cobncepts
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HPA Airsoft Guns & Systems

HPA guns offer a unique airsoft experience. While gas airsoft guns are powered by internal cartridges, HPA airsoft systems use external canisters of high-pressure air to fire the BBs, more akin to paintball systems.

Here, you find a range of HPA guns from Wolverine, which are all robust and hard-wearing, ideal for holding up against anything you throw at it on the skirmish field. There’s also plenty to keep your weapon in good condition, with compatible lines, magazine adapters and tanks.

HPA Conversion Kits

Already have something in mind that you want to turn into a HPA gun? Our conversion kits will allow you to convert your spring airsoft rifles with relative ease, giving you great stability and precision with every shot. We stock several conversion kits that are compatible with various popular airsoft guns, so hopefully, you can find the right fit!

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