Airsoft WWII & Classic Guns

Reenactors, collectors and military history enthusiasts will appreciate our selection of World War Two and classic gun replicas. Drawing on iconic designs and renowned weapons, your mil-sim loadout just wouldn't be complete without one of these historical powerhouses. Featuring unbeatable realism, customisability and reliable performance, our WW2 airsoft guns and other historical models offer a fantastic shooting experience that do their real-world counterparts proud.
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AGM Mp44 6mm Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle Full Metal Wood Stock RIF AEG
E&C 417A1 9 Inch AEG with 12 inch Barrel
E&C M16A2 Airsoft Rifle AEG with v2.0 Gearbox
E&C EC319 M16A1 VN Black 6mm Airsoft RIF AEG
Ares Classic Line SMLE British No. 4 MK1(T) 1
King Arms M2 Paratrooper GBB Rifle with Real wood stock
Tokyo Marui M4A1 ZET 6mm GBB Airsoft Rifle
G&G GR14 IWS ETU 6mm Airsoft Rifle
Special Price £304.00 Save £16.00
AGM Sten MKII WW2 6mm Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle Full Metal RIF AEG
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WW2 Airsoft Guns

The 20th century saw the birth of a great many guns that would come to take on long-lasting historical significance. We stock a diverse selection of airsoft replicas from the WW2 period, giving you your pick of all the most recognisable guns used by different troops from this time.

Whether you’re after a Tommy gun, Sten, Lee-Enfield, MP40, Mosin Nagant or something more obscure, we’ve got plenty to intrigue you. With AEGs, GBBs and spring-powered guns, there’s scope for players of all calibre and preferred platform. We pride ourselves on curating a collection with only the best of the best, so you’ll find guns from leading airsoft names, including Kings Arms, ARES, Umarex and much more.

Historical Airsoft Replicas

There are still plenty of iconic guns to explore outside of WW2, including some fantastic airsoft replicas from the Wild West, among other classics.

Get kitted out with a Winchester, with various versions available, to bring a bit of history to life. All of our historical replicas offer the ideal blend of aesthetics, realism and performance, for a gun that looks great and is enjoyable to shoot with.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? Browse our full range of airsoft rifles for all the best guns on the market right now.

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