G&G Armament

Established in 1986, G&G (Guay & Guay) Armament has been designing and manufacturing tactical equipment in Taiwan for military and law enforcement use. It is with this experience that they are also able to design and manufacture such an excellent range of high quality airsoft guns, with something for every player, whatever level they are at.

G&G use an automated computer programme to cut all of the parts required for their guns, meaning they are made in pretty much the same way as their live-firing counterparts. Take a look at our range of G&G AEG for sale below:

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G&G GC16 Predator Battleship Grey 6mm Airsoft Assault Rifle RIF AEG
G&G TR4 CQB-R Top Tech 6mm Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle RIF AEG
G&G Combat Machine CM16 ARP9 Battleship Grey 6mm Airsoft Assault Rifle RIF AEG
Special Price £275.50 Save £14.50
G&G TR16 MBR 308WH 6mm Assault Rifle RIF AEG
g&G Arp 9 2.0
G&G EMG Seekins Precision SBR8 with 12 Inch Rail
Special Price £413.99 Save £46.00
G&G GK12 Airsoft Rifle
Special Price £521.55 Save £28.44
G&G GPM1911 GP2 Airsoft Pistol
Special Price £153.00 Save £17.00
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