Since 1988, KWA has been the leading designer and manufacturer of airsoft replica weapons for law enforcement and military training. Their background in industrial design in the power tool and automotive markets means they have been able to create high quality airsoft products, known for their reliability and performance.

A leading airsoft manufacturer for both new and seasoned players, many KWA guns come fitted with the patented Kinetic Feedback System, which helps the user feel recoil with every shot taken. With a range of AK style rifles to Skorpion SMGs, we have a KWA airsoft gun for any and every budget.

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KWA AKR-74M 6mm Airsoft Electric Recoil Gun ERG RIF AEG
 KWA Originals IRIS-4
KWA Originals: AVA-4 Special Edition
KWA Originals: LUCY-4 Special Edition
 KWA Originals RAINE-4 Special Edition
KWA Ronin TK45 AEG3 - FDE
KWA Ronin TK45c2 AEG2.5 Airsoft Rifle
KWA Ronin 47 Airsoft Rifle
KWA QRF MOD1 AEG 2.5 SMG 6mm Airsoft RIF
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