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September 2014

  1. A quick word on Power!

    FPS... Joules... Ft/Lb... MPS..? All ways of measuring what's coming out of the end of your barrel, but only half of them describe your actual power... FPS = Feet Per Second MPS = Metres Per Second, both measure the velocity of the BB, but that's only half the equation, without the BB weight these figures are pretty meaningless... Certain Airsoft distributors like to put very large numbers on their boxes and not mention that it's with a feather weight BB! Joules & Ft/Lb (foot/pounds) both measure power, this is what your rifles are tested for when you're  chronographed on site (most sites will check your weights, or chorno with their own BBs to check the power). The power is worked out by combining the speed of the BB out of the barrel and the weight of the BB. Continue reading →
  2. The First Of Many...

    Hi all, as the title says this will be the first of many... We will be writing articles on all forms of shooting, from the guns themselves to the events we attend, maybe a little maintenance here and there, news, reviews, hell I'll even throw in a little gun porn from time to time! Stay tuned! Tech Dan.

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