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October 2014

  1. FSS! (For Safety's Sake!)

    Airsoft safety can be boiled down to pretty much 3 main areas... dsc_0209_11. PROTECT YOUR EYES!!! Never ever take your eye protection off in game! I lost count of new players having to be told to keep their masks on in game, 1 stray round and your blind in one eye! Protect everything you think is vulnerable, I also wear a lower face mask, not to lower the pain level, I just like having teeth...   Continue reading →
  2. Batteries & Chargers... (Airsoft 101, might take a while!)

    So you have you swanky new AEG, ready to play, turn up at a site, get your gear on, load up, safety brief, hit the chrono get a couple of shots in (sounds a bit weird hmmm), start the game, spend some time flanking, be a sneaky sneaky, get the opfor in your sights, pull the trigger... And... Chug chug, clunk, then nothing, well apart from the hail of BBs now heading your way cause you broke cover to take the shot... Did you remember to charge your batteries before your game day? Are you using a cheapy charger that came with your mate's AEG? Did you charge for long enough, or even too long? Hopefully this will help! Continue reading →

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