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November 2014

  1. Gas Blow Back fun!

    So... You've got your AEG, you've had a few games and you want something different/want a sidearm? Welcome to Gas Blow Back! There are a couple of main types of GBB we-smg8-6airsoft guns, you've got pistols, rifles & SMGs... 90% of the time if you see a player with a pistol strapped to them in game it will be a GBB, they're fun, the top slides cycle fast giving you the illusion of recoil (kick) and you can 'almost' treat them like you would a real steel pistol! Then we come across GBB rifles, again great fun, will kick you in the shoulder everytime you fire, can be phenomenally accurate when set up well, great fun but there are some down sides... Then you get SMGs, but these are almost a cross between the two types, you tend to get larger magazine capacities & faster rates of fire in much smaller packages, as the SMGs are much smaller the felt recoil can seem larger too! Continue reading →

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