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January 2016

  1. Ballistic armour based on Star Wars favourite has been announced

    Star Wars inspired airsoft equipment announced recently Star Wars fans, you might be pretty excited about this recent announcement, as it has been announced that a series of companies are designing Mandalorian-themed ballistic armour! AR500 Armour are working in collaboration with Heckler & Koch and artist Ryan B. Flowers, amongst others, to produce the ballistic armour, and it is incredible! Continue reading →
  2. How to accurately shoot your air gun: Part two

    The scope of an air rifle aiming at a target Welcome to the second part of our guide to accurate air gun shooting. In this part, we will look at your air gun grip, as well as the importance of good trigger control. Continue reading →
  3. Japanese café targets airsoft fans

    Man aiming down sights of airsoft guns UK You may have heard of the cereal café in Camden, the crisp café in Yorkshire, and now there is even a creme egg café opening in Soho! But did you know there is an airsoft café in Japan? Located in Fukui, the Shooting Café Rock On allows customers to shoot airsoft guns with their tea, and is becoming increasingly popular with women. Continue reading →
  4. How to accurately shoot your air gun: Part one

    View down the sights of an air gun learning to shoot more accurately They say a bad workman blames his tools, and a lot of us are guilty of this when it comes to shooting. The majority of us would more than likely want to improve shooting accuracy when it comes to firing an air gun, which is why we have taken a look at a few ways you can improve your shooting accuracy. Due to the risk of information overload, we have decided to break this feature up into two parts, allowing you to become comfortable with the first lot of tips, before we introduce the second lot. Continue reading →
  5. Rail Gun controller allows you to use airsoft gun in FPS games

    Call of Duty, which players can now control with airsoft rifles fitted with mod You may (or may not!) remember waaaay back in March last year, we ran a story about a piece of kit that could be attached to your airsoft rifles or something similar, and allow you to control first person shooter games using your rifle as a controller. Well now, “Rail Gun” are live on Kickstarter trying to raise funds for their project, and managed to earn a quarter of their target funding goal in under a week. However, they only have five days left to reach their overall target. Continue reading →
  6. Brief history of air guns

    Close up of air rifle, target and pellets The history of air guns is a story which goes back many centuries, with some experts believing we would have to go back several millennia to find the origins of the use of the technology. Following this thought, the blowpipe has been considered at the first air gun, as it uses the force of air to shoot a projectile. Even if you don’t consider a blowpipe to be an early air gun, there’s no doubt that all subsequent air guns were developed using the same premise. Continue reading →
  7. Dan Wesson 715 pellet and BB CO2 pistol video overview

    Close up of Dan Wesson 715 BB pistol available at Crawley Surplus Store New year, new video! This time, Dan has cast his keen eye over the Dan Wesson 715 CO2 pistols, which comes in both BB and .177 pellet firing. The guns are a copy of the .357 Magnum, and are crafted in full metal with a rubber grip. The guns have been redesigned metal outer barrel, as well as a redesigned gas system which helps make it more appealing on the eye. Continue reading →
  8. US target shooters making the switch to air guns

    Close up of air rifle similar to air guns found in at Crawley Surplus Store Many target shooters in the US are now making the switch from live ammunition to using air guns in their sport, and are loving the change! Thanks to advancements in air guns, the transition does not feel that different to many sportsmen due to the low calibre of ammunition they were using. Continue reading →
  9. Shepton Mallet Prison set to become Airsoft arena

    Shepton Mallet Prison where you will need new airsoft equipment for upcoming event Once home to the notorious Kray Twins, HM Prison Shepton Mallet was the oldest prison in the UK before its closure in 2013. Now, something very different is being planned for the D wing of the prison, as it is set play host to a series of airsoft games, courtesy of Portsmouth-based airsoft provider UCAP. Continue reading →

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