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February 2016

  1. Can you help with Project Tank?

    Simon Jameson in his airsoft tank fitting with airsoft rifles One of the best things about airsoft for us is the community feel that comes with the sport. Airsoft brings together people from all walks of life to share a single, mutual love. Now, we need to be a community more than ever and help out one of our fellow brothers, Simon Jameson, and what he is calling Project Tank. Continue reading →
  2. Survival expert reveals necessities for “bug-out” bag

    Bug out bag which can include air gun and survival gear There is often chat about what you should pack for the “impending” apocalypse – be it zombie, natural disaster, giant killer rats or whatever else – but is there actually a set list for what you should pack in your kit? An Army Special Forces veteran who teaches civilians how to survive natural disasters and extreme situations believes that yes, there is a list of what you should include in your bug-out bag. Continue reading →
  3. Three LiPo battery myths explored

    Giant Power LiPo battery for use in airsoft weapons and airsoft guns UK LiPo batteries (Lithium Polymer) are a type or rechargeable battery which can be used in your AEG, and are more often than not preferred over NiCd or NiMH batteries. This is due to the fact they are lightweight, capable of being made into pretty much any shape and size to fit a range of airsoft weapons, they can hold their charge for longer and the have high discharge rates with the capability of supplying more power to even the most demanding AEG. Continue reading →
  4. And now for something completely different!

    All of the guys involved in our new video wearing our airsoft gear We like to bring a video or two to all of our fans, and we have yet another new one for you! But this one is slightly different from our usual stuff, as you will soon see! We don’t want to give too much away, but our latest video is titled “Down to Crawley Surplus Store” and features some rather lovely special guests, as well as some of the airsoft gear you will find on our website or in store. Continue reading →
  5. Police academy gets state-of-the-art training simulator

    Police training facility which uses modified CO2 air pistol to train new recruits Police training in America has started to get pretty real, with one training facility incorporating a simulator to help new recruits get up to speed as quickly as possible. The Arthur D. Kehas Criminal Justice Training Facility and Campus in Concord, New Hampshire, also known as the police academy, have installed a state-of-the-art simulator which helps put new recruits in real situations, whilst taking away some of the realness. Continue reading →
  6. Hardcore Henry is a film shot entirely in first person point-of-view!

    Tim Roth in Hardcore Henry, new first person POV film A trailer has recently been released for a film called Hardcore Henry, about a cyborg who is bought back from the dead by his scientist wife, who must then go on a rampage to get her back after she is kidnapped. Sounds like your standard action film right? Well the difference is, it is shot entirely in first person point-of-view, giving the experience that you, the viewer, is the titular character. Continue reading →
  7. Plinker seeks to combine target shooting with video games

    Two metal targets used for target practice with airsoft guns Two brothers from Georgia in America have created a new game called Plinker, which they hope will bridge the gap between live target shooting and video games. The name Plinker – recently unveiled at the SHOT Show in the States - is derived from the slang term of casual target shooting, with cans usually being the target. Continue reading →
  8. Arise Sir Galahad, the latest arrival from Air Arms

    The new Galahad air rifle from Air Arms airguns In Arthurian legend, Sir Galahad is noted as being the most noble, virtuous and purest of the Knights of the Round Table, and accompanied King Arthur on his quest for the Holy Grail. It seems fitting that the latest airgun from Air Arms is named Galahad, as it encompasses strength, power and accuracy. Continue reading →
  9. Umarex announce air rifle with patent pending vibration reducing technology

    StopShox air rifle technology logo from Umarex Umarex USA recently announced a pretty cool development in their air rifle technology, in the form of StopShox, a patent pending vibration reduction technology. The unveiling came at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show, with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Umarex USA, Richard Turner, saying “We set out to solve one of the most frustrating problems with powerful air rifles today… the amount of vibration and recoil". Continue reading →
  10. Application submitted for Wales’ first indoor airsoft centre

    CQB taking place using equipment from our airsoft store Good news for any of our fans from Wales and the surrounding areas! An application has been submitted to build the first permanent indoor airsoft centre at St Catherine Park industrial estate in Cardiff. If approved, the centre would be the first permanent indoor location in Wales that hosts the sport. There are already a number of outdoor centres, but it’s always nice to have a place to play in the warm and dry, eh! Continue reading →

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