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July 2016

  1. U.S. Military training a new type of soldier… In space?!

    Air weapon satellite orbiting above Earth The U.S. Military is preparing to deploy a new form of solider in order to protect their country, taking advantage of the limitless vacuum of outer space… No, really! Continue reading →
  2. Turns out the Battlefield game makers really did their homework

    Battlefield 1 screenshot – historically accurate according to experts Being one of the most anticipated games to come out this year, Battlefield 1 is getting a lot of people excited for its release – and the historical trailer released in May certainly added to the hype. But as with most historical adaptations – whether it be films, games or television series – you often wonder how accurate the representation really is. Continue reading →
  3. Selecting the correct airsoft gun for your needs

    Airsoft gun resting on top of camouflage hat with magazine in the background When you are looking to buy a new airsoft gun, you might be wondering which variety you should choose from. There are three distinct sorts of airsoft guns to pick from, which are spring, gas powered and electric. We have taken a look at these in a bit more detail below, to help you make the correct decision. Continue reading →
  4. Watch decommissioned warship get used for target practice

    USS Thach, recently used for target practice during naval operation The USS Thach was first launched in December 1982 with the task to provide anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine protection for naval forces, convoys and other military and merchant ships. Continue reading →
  5. BAE Systems’ Broadsword Spine turns military clothing into power hub

    UK Soldiers training alongside U.S. Soldiers Electronics have become so much a part of modern warfare that batteries are now one of the key commodities, with nearly everything in a soldier’s pack requiring juice to run. But did you know the average pack a soldier has to carry weighs in at 41kg? With this in mind, it is of little surprise that batteries often get lost, leaving a solider light on the power front. Continue reading →
  6. Four more of history’s oddest firearms

    Hand Mortar It’s that time again, where we have delved deep into the depths of history to uncover some of the oddities that actually passed for firearms. Modern firearms are extremely well designed and manufactured thanks to years of research and development. Even the modern air rifle is a wonderful piece of manufacturing, but things weren’t always that way, as you will see below… Continue reading →
  7. Join us at this year’s War and Peace Revival

    Come and visit us at the War and Peace Revival Next week will see some of the crew packing up a collection of our finest wares and heading to Folkstone Racecourse for the annual War and Peace Revival. Continue reading →
  8. SRUnion Scar-L Bullpup and G17/18 Carbine Kit Overview CSS

    Now this is something Gun Tech Dan has been getting excited about for a while, and after a long wait has finally arrived! All the way from Taiwan, Dan takes a look at SR Unions new 3D printed Bullpup kits for the WE Scar-H and Gen 3 Glock models. After examining the quality, build and practicality of the kits Dan...
  9. How well can you do in our 80s/90s action movie quiz?

    The Terminator Take a break from shopping for your air rifles and airsoft gear, and have a go at our 80s/90s action movie quiz! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter how you get on! Continue reading →
  10. BAE Systems looking to grow military aircrafts in chemical vats

    UAV similar to one which is soon to be grown in chemical vats Modern military aircrafts are so ridiculously complex that fighter jets such as the F-35 Lightning II take 20 years to go from paper to deployment, at an unbelievable cost. With design work already underway for the next generation of fighters for 2040, BAE Systems and the University of Glasgow are looking at a new, cheaper way of producing UAVs where they aren’t built, but grown in computer-controlled chemical vats in a matter of weeks! Continue reading →

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