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October 2016

  1. The U.S. Army needs someone to help destroy 15,000 battleship shells

    The U.S. Army has reached out to the public after revealing they are on the search for someone to deactivate no fewer than 15,000 obsolete artillery shells. USS New Jersey fires all main guns in December 1986 Continue reading →
  2. Adam Savage finally completes Fifth Element rifle after 17 years of work!

    Zorg ZF-1 rifle replica as built by Adam Savage Adam Savage, the former presenter of MythBusters, has been working hard for 17 long years on his replica of the Zorg ZF-1 pod weapon from Luc Besson’s classic sci-fi film “The Fifth Element”, and the effort he put it in astounding. Continue reading →
  3. Want to shoot better? Keep both eyes open, experts say

    A man in camouflage aiming down the sight of air rifles both eyes open Generally, the first thing you want to do when you pick up air rifles or air pistols is to look down the sights with one eye and close the other one. Instinct, right? Well apparently that’s where a lot of us might be going wrong… Continue reading →
  4. Fancy owning your own World War II gunboat? There’s one on eBay for cheap!

    Fairmile B motor launch in Normandy on D-Day During World War II, the Royal Navy built around 650 Fairmile B motor launches in order to keep the Germans on their side of the Channel. One of the last remaining of these gunboats can now be found on eBay, for a lot less than you’d probably imagine… Continue reading →
  5. Russian sharpshooter plays Beethoven with dual wielded Glocks

    Russian sharpshooter playing the Glockophone using pistols We found ourselves on the weird side of YouTube again, and uncovered a rather impressive (albeit it strange) video from Russia. In the video, a Russian sharpshooter called Vitaly Kruchin has proven not only is he very gifted musically, but he’s a rather good shot when it comes to target shooting. Continue reading →
  6. World’s tiniest gun features in Battlefield 1

    2mm Kolibri pistol, which shots are weaker than the average air pistol Although it is yet to launch officially, some gamers have been able to play Battlefield 1 via EA Access and Origin Access, which has allowed them to root around the game for hidden Easter eggs. Continue reading →
  7. Adaptive air rifle programme helps vets in the U.S. overcome disabilities

    Air rifle and pellets laying on top of a target A fantastic adaptive air rifle programme is being run out of Denver in the United States which helps rehabilitate military veterans suffering with PTSD and other disabilities.  Continue reading →

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