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September 2017

  1. Kit Yourself Out Head-to-Toe in Viper Tactical Clothing at Surplus Store

    Viper Tactical has been involved in the military and outdoor markets for over ten years, so when it comes to making clothing that can face up to the elements, these guys know what they are doing! Here at Surplus Store, we are a Gold Stockist of Viper Tactical clothing meaning we can kit you out head-to-toe in the finest wares. Here is just a selection of what we have to offer (links to products in the subtitles): Continue reading →
  2. 11% of Britons Have a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan

    Survivors from the Walking Dead. It seems that every other week the “end of the world” is upon us. Saturday, September 23 was supposed to spell the end of our fair planet as we know it, but the alarms going off this morning show that they were wrong once again! So-called “experts” have now predicted that the end will be October 21, but how prepared are you for the end of days? Continue reading →
  3. Why Do Olympic Sharpshooters Wear Those Odd Glasses?

    Female air rifle shooter wearing glasses The Olympic air gun shooting events require a great deal of skill, serious amounts of concentration and apparently a weird pair of glasses… You may have seen the Olympic shooters rocking a set of glasses which look like a cross between horse blinkers and something you wear at the opticians, but do you know what they actually do? Continue reading →
  4. Archaeologists Find Viking Brienne of Tarth

    Brienne of Tarth fighting Arya, similar to a real like Viking warrior Over a hundred years ago, a series of Viking graves were excavated near an ancient settlement called Birka in Sweden and were filled with items like swords, hunting knives, arrowheads and helmets. Because of these such items, the lead archaeologist, Hjalmar Stolpe assumed the occupants in the grave were male Viking warriors. But recent tests have found one of the most spectacular graves belonged to a woman. Continue reading →
  5. A Look at the Weird and Wonderful CIA Gadgets from History

    The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently celebrated its 70-year anniversary on September 18, and although it is a branch of the US Government that is steeped in secrecy, there are certain elements that have been made public. One of our favourite things to do is look at technology and how it has developed over time. We need only look around our shop to see how airsoft guns have developed over the years, so that got us thinking… How has the CIA’s gear changed over the years? Continue reading →
  6. The Best Airsoft and Air Gun Real-Life Replicas

    AK47 replica available from Surplus Store Surplus Store has stopped selling deactivated guns recently, and there are a few reasons as to why. One is that we sell replicas, which are great alternatives to deactivated guns. Deactivated guns come at a higher price yet do not fire. Though the history is appealing to many and we too love the craftsmanship in deactivated guns, a fantastic substitute is an accurate replica that retails at a lower price. The great thing about replicas is that they actually fire something and can be used for airsoft or target practice meaning they have more than just the ‘fun’ factor! Continue reading →
  7. New Military Vehicle Could Be Answer to British Army Needs

    A version of the Boxer MIV A new military vehicle, unveiled by the German company Rheinmetall, is being hailed as the answer to the British Army’s needs. The company showcased its ‘Boxer’ armoured vehicles at a defence show recently and had stepped up its campaign to win a £3bn deal to equip the British military. Continue reading →
  8. Do Battle with Secutor Arms For Airsoft

    Secutor Arms Gladius Black Grip Gold Barrel pistol When it comes to airsoft, you want to have the best guns. Secutor Arms, based in Taiwan, are becoming big players in the market with their range of airsoft guns, which includes pistols and shotguns. A ‘Secutor’ was a class of gladiator in Ancient Rome, who were experts in hand to hand combat. Secutor Arms have followed the gladiator symbolism with their guns, and their weapons take their place among the warriors who venture into close-quarters battle. Continue reading →
  9. Devtac & the Special Forces: Fact or Fiction?

    Airsofter posing with flare and airsoft guns. Devtac are known for making some pretty awesome airsoft gear (they’ve not ventured into airsoft guns, just some awesome looking armour) which makes people look like a mix of Boba Fett/Halo/Army of Two/General Grievous. Way back in March, we ran a story talking of the new Devtac Ronin Ballistic Helmet (found here for those of you who want to jog your memories), which was able to stop a .44 magnum slug at pretty close range. But they have started to up their game a little bit in recent years, producing ballistic armour capable of stopping live bullets, which caught the eye of Navy SEALs and Delta Force who decided to give the armour a test run… Or did they? Continue reading →

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