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August 2018

  1. A Journey Into the World of Camouflage

    Statue of Boudica You can step back in time and see legendary war heroes like Boudica depicted by artists as wearing brightly coloured, flowing gowns. Not exactly the kind of kit you’d expect a real soldier to wear – although there are also renditions of her wearing armour as she went into battle riding her horse-drawn chariot. The queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe led an uprising against occupying Roman Empire forces in AD 60 or 61, and although reputedly something of a mean dame, she didn’t die in battle but – supposedly – from poisoning herself. Continue reading →
  2. How to Pick a Name for Your Gun

    Cartoon sketch of soldiers with ‘boomsticks’ aka rifles. We reported last month on the history of naming guns. It was a tool used to make ancient tales memorable, to demonstrate gun or owner characteristics or pay respect to the living or the dead. Just as it was essential to gun-owners of the past, naming your gun is a must for any owner of today, particularly because many consider it bad luck not to – and who needs bad karma on the field? Continue reading →
  3. The History of the Classic American BB Gun

    Woman holding a BB gun On the timeline of guns, the classic American BB gun is a comparative newcomer when you consider the first recorded use of a firearm was in 1364. The BB gun arrived on the scene in 1886, some 500 years later and was a far cry from the weapons that had to be fired by igniting gunpowder with a candle wick. Continue reading →
  4. How to Build a Stronger Airsoft Team

    Team leader is directing his airsoft squad. Airsoft is all about having fun and letting off some steam, but if you want to take your team to the next level, you may be looking to implement some more serious strategies into your squad. As the leader of the airsoft squad, it would be your responsibility to manage and engage your team effectively in order for it to progress to its highest potential. Unfortunately, those who leave it up to fate may find that their teammates look for greener pastures. Continue reading →
  5. New Season of Hollywood Weapons Streaming on Netflix

    Hollywood sign. We’ve been binging on the latest season of Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction on Netflix recently. Season two dropped on UK Netflix on 15th July, offering subscribers seven episodes of the eight-parter to watch. Interestingly, Netflix seems to entirely skip over episode seven in which Terry and Larry investigate several iconic scenes from westerns ­– testing whether it’s possible to shoot a cowboy hat straight off a bad guy’s head or whether a single shot from a Colt revolver could, in fact, break shackles. Unfortunately, you guys will have to wonder about this episode unless you can find an alternative way of watching it. Continue reading →
  6. Will You be Heading to The National Airsoft Festival?

    Man aiming airsoft rifle from behind coverSummer is starting to wind down, and we can only assume that a lot of your plans have been based around festivals. So, if you are a keen airsoft player, there is a festival coming up very soon for you to attend, and the date to deadline to secure tickets is rapidly approaching! Continue reading →
  7. Our How-To for Becoming an Airsoft Squad Leader

    A squad leader commanding his troops It’s all well and good having a team of airsofters jumbled together, consisting of your snipers and other positions, but how do they know what they are there to do and how to do it best? Of course, everyone will be aware of the overall objective, but how will they know the best way to approach it? Continue reading →
  8. Jetpacked Soldiers Could Have Been a Thing

    A man with a jetpack. Bell Aerosystems has been building U.S. military helicopters for years now, but in 1967, they pitched something way outside of the box that they believed would revolutionise warfare as the world knew it – we’re just surprised they weren’t laughed off the scene altogether. Yes –you’ve got it from the title – they suggested that soldiers enter battle via jetpacks, and there are some  illustrations that show what this might look like. Continue reading →
  9. 4 Russian Sci-Fi Weapons That Never Came to Be

    Laser beam fired into a tunnel Throughout history there have been creations that will be remembered forever, especially regarding military technology. But alongside these amazing creations that have stood the test of time, there are those ‘creations’ that did not come to be. This leads to mysterious stories full of weird and wonderful pieces of technology that never quite made it into production – many of which seem to stem from Russia, or from the old Soviet Union. Continue reading →
  10. Scientist Confirms Zombies Could Never Exist

    Close up of a zombie’s face. Unfortunately, we stumbled across some potentially devastating news for all of you horror fans out there; zombies are not, and will never, be real… at least not yet anyway! This news comes from Dr Steven Schlozman, also known as Dr Zombie, who claims that we won’t ever need to worry about fight off hoards of the undead. Continue reading →

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