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October 2018

  1. Key Differences Between AEGs and GBBRs

    Person playing airsoft If you’re new to airsoft, you may be slightly confused by the different types of airsoft guns. And it’s not just beginners, people who have played for years may also not know the differences. With that said, it’s important to know what’s what when it comes to the different types of airsoft guns, as you may be missing out. Read on to learn about the main types - AEGs and GBBRs - to help you decide which is best suited to you. Continue reading →
  2. Boston Dynamics Robots: Beginning of the End?

    Toy robot dog If you haven’t seen the viral video of the Boston Dynamics dog-like robot circulating over the past couple of weeks, then where have you been? While the video in question seems relatively playful, we can’t help but be a little scared. However, this isn’t the first time the Boston Dynamic Robots have gone viral. There are numerous videos of many different types of robots demonstrating an impressive range of mobility and capabilities. As you could have probably guessed, Boston Dynamics has worked with the US military, but could this mean the future of robot warfare is closer than we think? Read on to discover more about these fascinating machines and their creators. Continue reading →
  3. How to Avoid Damage in Airsoft

    Bandaging arm Pain is part of the game when it comes to airsoft – what else would you expect when firing BB bullets from high powered air guns at each other? Plus, problems with non-hit taking means you don’t want to eliminate the pain, as failure to feel hits is unintentionally cheating. However, there are particular areas that you need to focus on protecting and efforts you can make toward reducing the severity of welts, bruises and cuts, without removing the feeling of being hit. Read on to discover your best options. Continue reading →
  4. 7 Outdoor Survival Tips

    Kindling Over the last fifty years or so humans as a species have established an unsettling dependence on new technology, leaving basic survival instincts virtually extinct. While there are obvious advantages to making the most of all things technological, it’s never a good idea to solely rely on gadgets and gizmos, particularly given their lack of reliability and tendency to run out of battery, break or fail at critical times. Granted, actual life or death situations are few and far between for most, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for all possible circumstances. With this in mind, here at Surplus, we’ve created a list of just seven of the most useful outdoor survival tips for you to brush up on the next time you head into the out and beyond. Continue reading →
  5. 5 Iconic Guns from TV and Film

    Smith & Wesson *WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD* This piece of content contains spoilers from movies and TV shows – so read at your own risk - you have been warned! Throughout the many years of TV and film, there has been a variety of guns that we couldn’t imagine our favourite characters without. Here we’re taking a look some of the most iconic guns, mostly from film but with the addition of one entry from a TV series. Continue reading →
  6. GBLS DAS GDR15 Rifle Overview

    GBLS DAS GDR15 Air Rifle The wait is finally over because Dan is back with a new gun overview on the Crawley Surplus Store YouTube channel! In this video, he’s got something really special ­– the new Dynamic Action System GDR15 airsoft gun by GBLS. Continue reading →
  7. M1 Garand: The Most Expensive Rifle

    The M1 Garand rifles. Referred to as “the greatest battle implement ever devised” by General George Patton, an M-1 Garand was the most expense rifle ever auctioned according to a recent article by Forbes. Continue reading →
  8. 5 Unusual Guns That Actually Exist

    Pistol with one bullet Throughout history, there have been numerous firearms that have become a staple within the industry. But what about guns that stray away from the norm? Some guns have been created with different situations in mind, and others try to go for an entirely new approach in comparison to conventional methods. Continue reading →
  9. Choosing the Right Optic in Airsoft

    A person holding a gun aiming with a reflex sight Knowing what optic to use in your airsoft endeavours can be intimidating, but choosing the right sight can be the simplest way to improve your game. Here, we’re taking a look at how to choose the right optic in airsoft, exploring what optics suit what roles, and how to determine what’s best for you. Continue reading →
  10. What Can 3D Printing Bring to the Airsoft Community?

    3D printer printing It’s interesting to think about how 3D printing could impact the airsoft world, especially when you consider that 3D printing is now more advanced than when it was popularised in 2011. It has been utilised in many different ways, one of which was for military use when creating concrete barracks for the Marines. This was a huge time-saver, with the project being printed in only two days and serving as a base capable of resisting enemy fire. Particularly impressive when compared to the self-built options by the Marines, which can take substantially longer, require a lot more manpower and are typically made from materials that can’t compare to the concrete 3D printed alternative. Continue reading →

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