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February 2019

  1. What to Bring to an Airsoft Game Day

    Airsoft rifle and camouflage equipment In addition to your airsoft guns, both primary and secondary weapons and tactical gear, there are a few other essentials you always need to bring to an airsoft game to ensure you will be playing the best you can and have a good time with your fellow airsoft players. Continue reading →
  2. A Guide to Airsoft Brands – Part Two

    Person wearing a full face mask for airsoft Welcome to part two of our guide to airsoft brands. If you’ve not seen our part one article, click here to access it. Following on from the first instalment, we shall be looking at a variety of airsoft brands and hoping to uncover a little more about them. To aid your gear buying decisions, we shall also be grouping them into two different categories, these are ‘performance’ and ‘budget’. Sometimes these two will overlap so we’ll do our best to keep the distinction as black and white as possible. Continue reading →
  3. Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

      Person juggling outdoors Airsoft is a sport that requires good hand-eye coordination; you are required to shoot a tiny BB at high speed at a target while taking cover. To be able to continuously hit targets and avoid being hit yourself, you need to be reasonably gracious and coordinated. Continue reading →
  4. Upcoming Airsoft Guns We’re Looking Forward to in 2019

    Airsoft gun with additional accessories Each year, we’re seeing bigger and better airsoft guns being released; which is great for our collections but not so great for the bank balance! This year, we saw some great products put out by some of the big boys, such as Tokyo Marui, but also some great weapons from smaller companies too! This market competition is invaluable for the airsoft community, to make sure that we’re only seeing the best products come to market. That being said, there are still a few ropey weapons making it onto the shelves and inevitably onto the battlefields, which can often lead to disappointment from the user. So we’re doing a bit of a roundup, to help you keep your eyes on the prize (the best upcoming guns) and not spend money where it’s not warranted. As a small disclaimer, any dates mentioned in the article may change, product designs may also change and unfortunately, we won’t get to try any of these before they are released, so this is mostly just our initial opinions. We’d love to hear from you to know what you’re looking forward to and to let us know if there’s something we’ve missed! Now, let’s get into the list: Continue reading →
  5. Nine of the Best Airsoft Game Types

    Man with airsoft gun Whether you’re looking for a full-scale military simulation or a scaled down close quarters battle with some friends, there will be a game type to suit you. If you’re the person organising the game type, you’ll have a lot more control than if you’re participating in someone else’s event, such as deciding how many times you can be mediced back in, the time limit, respawns etc. Continue reading →
  6. The Shortest Conflicts in History

    Israeli troops on the first day of the Six-Day War Man has been fighting since forever, with many wars lasting years or decades. But not all have lasted that long, with several conflicts being less than a month long. In our latest blog post, we delve into the causes and results of some of the shortest conflicts within the last 150 years. Continue reading →
  7. A Brief Guide to Airsoft Brands – Part One

    Airsoft guns with accessories Airsoft as a sport and as a community has grown exponentially over the past ten years, with more and more people heading to arenas with their teammates to take part in skirmishes. The ability to upgrade, study and generally pore over guns and accessories, along with the ability to share and connect with other players from across the world has contributed to Airsoft’s continued success. People have even made careers out of sharing content on the sport through YouTube or blogging! This article is aimed at both experienced players who want to top up their airsoft knowledge and also new players who are picking up their first gun. Brands typically fit into either the performance category or the budget category, with some occasional overlap, so we’ve highlighted them accordingly. Continue reading →
  8. Airsoft Face, Neck and Head Protection

    Camouflage mesh mask for face protectionFollowing on from our previous blog on airsoft eye protection, we are looking at the protection required for your head and face. Though the pellets and BBs fired from airsoft guns are nowhere near as powerful as a bullet, they can still cut skin and leave a bruise. Like with eye protection, you don’t have to splash out that much for some basic quality head and face protection. Continue reading →
  9. Toughest Military Training Methods in the World

    Army recruits crawling through mud Training to be a soldier is not an easy thing to do, and militaries across the world put their recruits through some rigorous training, particularly for special forces units. While the training is physically and mentally demanding, these armies have produced some of the top special force units in the world and the most lethal soldiers. Continue reading →
  10. History of the Rocket Propelled Grenade

    A RPG being fired by a soldier A rocket-propelled grenade or RPG is an anti-tank weapon fired from the shoulder. They fire rockets equipped with an explosive warhead, which are attached to a rocket motor. The motor propels the RPG forwards to its target and fins are used to stabilise its flight. Some RPG launchers are single use, and others are reloadable. Continue reading →

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