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March 2019

  1. How We Can All Contribute to The Airsoft Community

    Two Airsoft Guns balanced against tree Airsoft is a unique sport as, despite its rapid growth in recent years, it has still managed to retain a community-centric approach and attitude; with new players being welcomed, which is rarely seen in other larger sports. New players are met with a warm reception by other more experienced players and helped to get ‘up to speed’ with the rules of the sport and any nuances they should be aware of that apply to a particular site or game type. Continue reading →
  2. What Makes a Good Air Rifle?

    Air rifle from Surplus Store When it comes to buying an air rifle, it makes sense that you want to go for the best you can. There might be some aspects to consider first such as your budget, your personal preferences or what type of air rifle you want to go for; gas spring, pneumatic and spring piston. Continue reading →
  3. What are Private Militaries?

    Private Military standing on tanks Although it sounds like something taken straight of a futuristic film or novel, private military companies (PMCs) are in fact a real thing and have been operating across the world for some time. A PMC is a private company that provides security services and armed combat assistance for money. In this article, we explore how the now massive, global industry was born and look to uncover exactly what it is the contractors do to earn their keep. Continue reading →
  4. Exciting New Airsoft Guns Showcased at IWA 2019

    Airsoft kit. Running from Friday 8th to Monday 11th March, the IWA Outdoor Classics is one of the most professionally organised and highly attended outdoor-sports events in Europe. Catering for all manner of outdoor sports enthusiasts, the thing that particularly excites us about the event is the amount of airsoft kit on show. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to attend this year, however, we have been keeping our ear to the ground and have put together a list of some of the most exciting upcoming guns that were exhibited at this year’s event. Continue reading →
  5. The Countries With the Strongest Armies

    Aircraft carrier in US Navy Armies are considered an essential part of a country’s security, and every year a large portion of a government’s budget is given to its military. All countries work hard to strengthen their armies, so it can be difficult to determine which has the ‘best’ army, but we can look at the countries with the ‘strongest’ army in terms of size, budget, technology and or the number of allies. Continue reading →
  6. Airsoft Arms, Hands and Torso Protection

    Airsoft player wearing tactical gloves In our latest piece on airsoft protective gear, we are looking at the clothes and gear you need to protect your arms, hands and torso when playing. The BBs fired from airsoft rifles can easily bruise your skin, particularly if you are playing close quarter combat, so having protection will mean you are not leaving at the end of the day in pain. Continue reading →
  7. How Do Bulletproof Vests Work?

    A bulletproof vest Bulletproof vests, more accurately called ballistic vests or bullet-resistant vests, are designed to decrease the chances of someone being injured from a round coming at them at a high rate of speed. Though we know the purpose of the vest, you may not know how the “bulletproof” aspect is accomplished. Continue reading →

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