Best airsoft sites in Yorkshire

Airsoft is becoming a popular sport or hobby for people of all ages, and because of this, there are loads of incredible airsoft sites popping up all around the country. If you are just starting out in the world of airsoft, it can often be hard to find somewhere that you can get to grips with your gun and other kit while honing your skills on the field. The majority of airsoft sites are really welcoming to beginners, as the people who run the site will be experts and are always on hand to offer advice.

Yorkshire and the surrounding areas are blessed to have some of the most beautiful countryside in England and airsoft sites are taking advantage of this by creating unique locations for us to play. Whether you're a local and want to explore different sites other than your usual haunt, or are visiting and want to get some airsoft time in with the local players, these are the best spots to do so!

Cerberus Airsoft

Cerberus Airsoft organises some of the best airsoft events in Yorkshire, and with over ten years experience, these games are definitely worth attending. Their main aim is to provide their players with a challenging yet rewarding experience whatever their age or skill level. With airsoft sites like a huge woodland, desert landscape and urban areas all around Yorkshire you will be spoilt for choice.

They run events at a range of locations which keeps games feeling fresh and different. One of their locations is called 'The Outpost' and is based near Harrogate. This site is made up of woodland and has streams, bridges and other structures making for intense outdoor combat scenarios.

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Another site is called ‘The Works’ and is an urban site with a difference, as it is located on a disused industrial complex and features different buildings on different levels. This site which is located near Halifax is also surrounded by 200 acres of woodland and fields giving its players the ultimate experience.

Their other site is named ‘The Sand Pit’ and is located in a working stone quarry in Bradford. However, this site is only used during the summer months so that players get that realistic desert feel!

If you are local to the area or want to go a little bit further for a game of airsoft, it is definitely worth checking out their website or Facebook page to see when these games are on.

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Yorkshire Tactical Airsoft

Yorkshire Tactical Airsoft is a company that offers a range of activities in and around the Yorkshire area, for people of all ages. Primarily focussing on airsoft events, they make use of four different locations to give players an opportunity to play to their style. Their sites, The Manor, The Pit, The Kingdom and The Pines will challenge players in different ways, ensuring that everyone has a good day out.

They also offer other activities including paintball, laser tag and mini tag which is perfect for younger players.

Northern Alliance Airsoft

Northern Alliance Airsoft is a family-run airsoft site located on an airfield in North Yorkshire. The site provides players with an incredible airsoft experience as they have a mix of CQB and urban areas. The games held here are some of the most intense and adrenaline-fuelled games in the area! They happily welcome all types of players, as well as offering training and advice to new players. If you are in the area, then Northern Alliance should definitely be on your list of sites to play at.

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Humber Airsoft

Located in Leggotts Quarry in South Ferriby, Humber Airsoft is a unique airsoft site. The area is about 35 acres which contains a village, woodland, open areas, hills as well as Middle Eastern style Firebase. The area also has 15 respawn points so you won’t have too far to go when getting back into the game. They welcome new players and strive to make newbies feel as welcomed as possible! If you are looking for an intense game in an awesome setting, the Humber Airsoft should be at the top of your list!

As you can see, there are some really great airsoft sites in Yorkshire. However, these are just a handful which can be found in the area that we may have missed off of our list. Don’t forget that our shop stocks airsoft guns and much more, so you can kit yourself out before you head to these great sites.

Have we missed any other airsoft sites in Yorkshire? We love to hear about other sites, so just let us know using our social media channels!