So, you’ve bought your first airsoft gun? Next step – ammo!

Airsoft ammunition might not be the most exciting airsoft accessory you can buy when getting into the sport, but it’s obviously an essential element, and there’s slightly more than meets the eye when it comes to purchasing the right kinds of BBs.

Even for more knowledgeable or experienced players, understanding the difference between different kinds of ammo can be confusing. Our ammo guide provides all the information you need to ensure you’re using the right ammo and have the best possible airsoft experience.

What Kind of Airsoft Ammo Should I Use?

When deciding which ammo to buy, you’ll need to have a good grasp of the following.

BB Size

In most cases, AEGs and other airsoft replica guns will have a 6.08mm barrel, so they will use 6mm diameter BB pellets. Most guns will be compatible with these industry-standard BBs, so if in doubt, your best bet is usually to look for this size.

The 0.8 size difference between the barrel and pellet means less air can escape when the ammo is fired – this increases Feet Per Second, giving a better performance. So, 6.03 or 6.01mm barrels can offer a higher FPS if you are looking to upgrade.

You may also come across 8mm BB pellets, although these are slightly less common.

Yellow BB pellets

BB Weight

BB weight is one of the most significant factors that will affect your performance, power and accuracy – lighter pellets will be affected by air resistance more than heavier ammo with increased accuracy.

The weight you choose will depend on the FPS range of your gun; a gun with a higher FPS range will ideally use heavier BBs.

What BB Weight Should I Use?

0.20g BBs are probably the most commonly used pellets and are used by guns with an FPS of 300-350.

Lighter 0.12g BBs are generally best avoided as they can be of poor quality and don’t allow for decent accuracy.

For mid -range use, 0.25g to 0.28g BBs are usually best.

Are Heavier Airsoft BBs Better?

For more stable long-range shooting, your best bet is probably 0.30g to 0.40g pellets.

However, these are most appropriately used with more powerful air guns like airsoft sniper rifles because of the increased force needed to properly fire the ammo.

why os my airsoft gun so inaccurate

BB Colour

The colour of your airsoft ammo is usually not particularly significant in terms of denoting a particular feature but is something to consider in terms of visibility. White or bright colours tend to be the most popular as these are easy to see in the air, so you can track shots and more accurately see when opponents have been hit.

This, however, also makes it easier for opponents to see where fire is coming from, so black or darker pellets might be preferable if you want to ensure targets cannot see which direction you’re shooting from as easily.

Tracer Airsoft Ammo

Tracer BBs glow in the dark, ensuring you can more easily aim and see your shots at night or inside.

BB Material

There are two main types of BBs you’ll come across:

  • Plastic BBs
  • Biodegradable BBs

Plastic ammo tends to be cheaper but is also damaging to the environment as, like any other plastic, it won’t degrade for hundreds of years. Because of this, some airsoft sites do not allow players to use non-biodegradable BBs or may only allow them for indoor use.

Biodegradable ammo or bio BBs can be more expensive but are water-soluble, so they will break down and have a far less greater impact on the environment than plastic pellets. These days, most outdoor airsoft sites will ask players to use this kind of ammunition.

Airsoft ammo and gun with protective glasses

Choosing High-Quality BBs

When you’ve considered all of these practical features, you will also need to look at the quality of your chosen ammo.

Construction quality is incredibly important as low-quality ammo with defects can cause problems with accuracy and can even break apart, damaging your airsoft gun. You can usually tell the good quality BBs from the bad when they have the following features:

  • BBs should be smooth and spherical, with polished surfaces free from imperfections.
  • BBs should be checked for internal air pockets and pass rigorous quality control tests.
  • BBs should have a perfectly balanced centre of gravity to ensure accurate shooting.
  • BBs should not chip or shatter upon impact.

Can I Reuse BBs

It might be tempting to collect up BBs after a game, but you should never reuse BBs that have already been fired. Even if you cleaned them, they would still have undergone structural changes upon impact, making them unfit for further use.

Used airsoft ammo can jam your barrel and even cause permanent damage to your airsoft gun.

Where to Buy Airsoft BB Ammo

To ensure you get good quality ammo, we always recommend buying from a reputable source. At Surplus Store, we stock a range of different kinds of BB pellets designed to give you precision and maximum performance. Many of our airsoft ammo is biodegradable.

Hopefully, we have answered your ammo-related questions. For more advice about airsoft and getting the most out of your guns, check out our blog, which is full of handy guides.

Alongside our BB ammunition range, you’ll also find plenty of BB gun accessories and a great selection of airsoft guns, providing everything you need to get started in the sport as well as kit for those that want to upgrade or expand their airsoft collection.

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