2019 in sparklers.

As we head into a new year, it’s time to start planning what 2019 has in store for you. While being spontaneous has its perks, planning some of the year ahead of time can ensure you don’t narrowly miss out on some of the great experiences that it has to offer.

In our latest guide, we run through some of the key items you need to add to your calendar or to-do list as an airsoft enthusiast, but if you think we’ve missed something out let us know, and we’ll add it on. So, without further ado, we start with number one:


Ward off Zombies

Zombies at a door.

The zombie experience has taken the world by storm, and no place more so than the UK, with several immersive experiences to choose from all over the nation. Zombie Experiences, for example, operate in London, Liverpool, Droitwich, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, West Midlands and Sheffield. Settings change dependant on location, with everything from bunkers and asylums to forests and shopping malls, because you never know where zombies could be, but one thing remains the same: a terrifyingly realistic experience that you’ll start to think, after a while, the world really has been taken over by the undead. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes, join your small band of warriors to fight off the infected and save the world.

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your airsoft guns for health and safety reasons, but don’t worry – you’ll be kitted out with everything you need, including a trusty airsoft gun, at the briefing before heading out to battle.


Purchase a New Gun

There’s no better feeling than purchasing a gun for the new year, especially with plenty of exciting airsoft games ahead of you. Last time we checked, there was nothing to say that after the festivities of Christmas, you can’t just treat yourself too – after all, you’ve spoilt everybody else!

To determine what new airsoft gun you need, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. First, take a look at what guns are already in your collection – is there something missing? What would fill the gap in your collection’s capabilities? Is there something you’ve been dying to own?

Do your research: take to airsoft magazines, review sites and videos, and ask your local airsoft retailer about the latest and greatest airsoft guns available on the market, from the G&G TR16 MBR & ARP series to the Weihrauch air rifles, we have everything in store and a hell of a lot of knowledge to boot! We will be able to advise you on what is best suited to your requirements, so pop in to see us and secure your new airsoft gun today!


Travel Back in Time

A tank on a field.

Who knew time travel was real? It sure feels like it when you go to the War and Peace Revival Festival. Hosting everything from trade stalls, military vehicles, educational talks, displays and choreographed, battle re-enactments, the festival brings all the cool and profound things about the 1940s back to life. This five-day military and vintage festival will be in the historic Paddock Wood, Kent from the 23rd to 27th July this year. You can choose from a range of tickets, inclusive of camping prices, to cater your immersive experience to your tastes. This is a festival not to be missed! You can book your tickets now:


Try a New Airsoft Role

They say the new year is a reason to reinvent yourself, so why not try a new airsoft role? Perhaps you’re feeling a little displaced in your airsoft team, or maybe you just want to try something new, whatever the reason, trying out some of the alternative roles can help to reinvigorate your games while also helping to expand your airsoft abilities. If you need some help picking, take a look at our latest guide here which summarises the roles and responsibilities of various airsoft roles.


Become an Airsoft YouTuber

Filming equipment.

This might not be on everyone’s list, but for those who love to talk about airsoft, the guns and the tactics, YouTube may be your next step. Join a community of the best airsoft YouTubers and discuss, or even show your latest skirmishes.

You don’t even need the top filming equipment to contribute your thoughts to the airsoft community; most commercially-sold cameras and laptops come with filming capabilities, and free software can be installed to edit your video if required. Some may even consider a GoPro which can be attached to your person while in the midst of a game and can record some impressive footage.

We, too, have taken to YouTube to share our reviews of the latest models coming into our shop.


Re-enact Your Favourite Movie Scenes

While researching this piece, we discovered that there are a lot of airsoft enthusiasts who want to relive the scenes from their favourite movies, and we don’t blame them! Our favourite films showcase some epic action scenes, some of which are impossible as we discovered with TV series Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? Never-the-less, many of us have dreams of being the hero in our beloved flicks, but do they need to remain dreams?

Why not re-create them, as much as possible, by holding your own event?  Get your friends and other airsoft enthusiasts involved; re-enactments have become increasingly popular, as you can see from two of our bucket list entries, and we can imagine there are many people out there who want to be a part of the same movie as you! Hire the necessary outfits, purchase the right gear, advertise the event and have some fun… after all, that is what airsoft is all about. (You’ll need some realistic guns to achieve the authentic look, which we can help with!).

And remember to tell us how they go, we’d love to hear more!


Kit Up

Airsoft kit.

The new year is a chance to take your game to the next level, and this firstly means assessing and adding to your kit. Perhaps some of your clothing is torn, worn or just not cool anymore; maybe you need better protective gear, or possibly you just wish to add to your collection, whatever your reason, kitting up is one of the ways to help improve your games. But while the new year shouldn’t be your only reason to kit up, it may be the perfect excuse to the ‘non-airsofters’ in the family!

If you need any help picking out some new kit, contact us today, or better yet, come and visit us in store!


Up Your Game

So, what are some other ways to advance your games? Well, the tried and tested method is researching tactics and tips and putting these into practice. There are plenty of sites, magazines and Reddit threads dedicated to airsoft advice, including our very own blog, so you’ll be hard missed to find ways to up your game for the new year.

Because airsoft requires a lot of skill and tactics, beginners may find this bucket list tip a beneficial step in progressing their abilities in the game. Of course, airsoft games are not off a script, so you can’t always expect the canned approaches to work, but having a few tricks up your sleeve can be the difference between victory and defeat. It’s also important to note that reading about tactics and developing the skills necessary to implement them are two entirely different things, but remember that practice makes perfect!


Get Back to Basics

Kindling for a fire.

The world is a crazy place right now, and sometimes we need to step away and get back to basics: enter bushcraft and survival courses. With options both in the UK and abroad, spanning days or weeks-long courses, and teaching a host of skills, you are spoilt for choice.

Remember you’ll need some reliable kit for your adventures into the wild, so why not take a look at the Bear Grylls survival gear collection we have for sale?


Get a Friend Involved

Last, but most certainly not least, is to get a friend involved. There’s nothing more rewarding than getting somebody into the airsoft community and watching them grow! Whether it’s a best friend, work colleague or someone from your family, just make sure it’s someone you’re happy to spend extra time with and who would really get into the spirit and camaraderie of airsoft games.

And that’s the end of our 2019 bucket list, all that is left to say now is we, at Surplus Store, wish you a happy New Year! Thanks for reading our blog, and we promise to have some more engaging and exciting content in the new year for you all.