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A number of top authorities on shooting have recently wondered whether airsoft could be used as a training tool for marksmen.

The idea that sports shooters, who compete in against the clock contests to shoot targets using firearms and live ammunition, could benefit from training using airsoft weapons is one that’s been gaining traction recently.

One pundit who’s begun advocating the use of airsoft guns as training tools is Rob Potter. He was initially sceptical about the idea, which was suggested to him by his uncle. However, he now believes shooting airsoft weapons can benefit shooters for many reasons.

His uncle, a retired policeman, first started shooting air rifles and airsoft weapons at home following his retirement, as a way of keeping up his marksmanship skills – mainly because it was cheaper and easier than going to the range.

When Rob learned this he admits he was unsure as to whether firing airsoft weapons would replicate the experience of shooting real guns, but after taking part in an airsoft three gun match hosted by the Shoot Right American Junior and Adult Air Gun Shooting Club he was convinced it can be a useful training tool – particularly for young or novice shooters.

He cites the benefits as including a reduced risk of serious injury, a reduced cost and reduced noise, which would make it easier to communicate with young shooters who need advice and coaching.