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  1. A Guide to Choosing Your First Airsoft Gun

    A Guide to Choosing Your First Airsoft Gun
    Advanced airsoft players will no doubt remember buying their first airsoft gun. It’s a big moment, and if you’re unsure of what you are looking for, it can be a complex one too! As one of the top sellers of airsoft guns in the UK, here at Surplus Store we are often asked similar questions from first-time buyers! With many...
  2. Upcoming Airsoft Guns We’re Looking Forward to in 2019

    Airsoft gun with additional accessories Each year, we’re seeing bigger and better airsoft guns being released; which is great for our collections but not so great for the bank balance! This year, we saw some great products put out by some of the big boys, such as Tokyo Marui, but also some great weapons from smaller companies too! This market competition is invaluable for the airsoft community, to make sure that we’re only seeing the best products come to market. That being said, there are still a few ropey weapons making it onto the shelves and inevitably onto the battlefields, which can often lead to disappointment from the user. So we’re doing a bit of a roundup, to help you keep your eyes on the prize (the best upcoming guns) and not spend money where it’s not warranted. As a small disclaimer, any dates mentioned in the article may change, product designs may also change and unfortunately, we won’t get to try any of these before they are released, so this is mostly just our initial opinions. We’d love to hear from you to know what you’re looking forward to and to let us know if there’s something we’ve missed! Now, let’s get into the list: Continue reading →
  3. Becoming a Master Sniper | Tips for Airsoft

    Sniper looking across the lake The role of the sniper on the airsoft battlefield is perhaps the one with the highest ‘cool factor’. This is in part due to the increased publicity and media focus on the people that inhabit the role as their daily lives, working for the military and other armed forces. Film heroes like Bob Lee Swagger in Shooter and Chris Kyle in American Sniper, along with the Call Of Duty and Battlefield video game franchises have captured imaginations worldwide and allowed everyone to think that they could be the next best marksman. This could not be further from the truth. The harsh reality is that the role of the sniper is one of dedication, training and years of hard work, and this is similarly true for the airsoft world. In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways to improve your current sharp shooting abilities and what it takes to become a master sniper. Continue reading →
  4. Do Battle with Secutor Arms For Airsoft

    Secutor Arms Gladius Black Grip Gold Barrel pistol When it comes to airsoft, you want to have the best guns. Secutor Arms, based in Taiwan, are becoming big players in the market with their range of airsoft guns, which includes pistols and shotguns. A ‘Secutor’ was a class of gladiator in Ancient Rome, who were experts in hand to hand combat. Secutor Arms have followed the gladiator symbolism with their guns, and their weapons take their place among the warriors who venture into close-quarters battle. Continue reading →
  5. Just How Do Tanks Defend Themselves from Incoming Missiles?

    U.S. Army M1 Abrams tank defends against missiles Tanks are large, fast-moving and heavily armed military vehicles, and seen as the primary offensive weapon of modern armies. For the past 100 years, engineers from opposing countries have been locked in an arms race to figure out the best way for protecting their own tanks and destroying others. Typically, protecting tanks consists of adding new and increasingly heavier armour plating, but there are new kinetic Active Protection Systems (APS) that are becoming popular alternatives. Continue reading →
  6. Have a blast from the past with the new Umarex Legends Co2 pistols

    Umarex Legends German MP40 Legacy Edition New in at the Surplus Store are the Umarex Legends German MP40, and you can choose from the Legacy Edition or black. These Co2 powered air pistols have an impressive blowback effect, and their sound is truly remarkable. These pistols are definitely a must-have for any air gun enthusiasts. Continue reading →
  7. Armorer Works HX10 & HX11 Pistol Overview CSS

    Dan's at it again with a shiny new overview! This time Dan feast his eyes on the brand new Armorer Works HX 10 & 11 practice pistols! Both series are featured in the video, however not all colours are. They're available in all colours but for now we will only be selling the HX1001, HX1102, HX1103, HX1004 and HX1105 as featured in...
  8. US Air Force to pit aircrafts against each other in “war games”

    The A-10 in flight First we had Batman Vs Superman, and with Captain America set to do war with Iron Man in the Civil War film, it seems the US Air Force is going to be hosting a showdown of their own. They are set to pit the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter against the 40-year-old A-10 Thunderbolt II in a series of “war games”. Continue reading →
  9. Five different airsoft scenarios to spice up your skirmishes

    Airsoft Skirmish Scenarios Hostage VIP Extraction Assassination Pistol Only Capture Flag | Surplus Store Airsoft Guns For Sale Online UK 	We love an airsoft skirmish, and we love to mix them up – so we thought we’d take a look at the different scenarios typically on offer at skirmish sites. A simple skirmish with elimination rules can get a little dull if it’s all you take part in, so here are some examples of other games you can ask your local sit if they plan on putting them on. Continue reading →
  10. Destiny gets the airsoft treatment thanks to 3D printer

    3D printed Destiny Hand Cannon fully functional airsoft pistol – Surplus Store Bungie’s Destiny has provided inspiration for many 3D printers, thanks to the range of battle armour and weapons that can be seen throughout the game. Usually, these designs get made in order to make cosplaying outfits look more realistic, by adding greater detail. One man has now taken things one step further, and created a pistol from the game, and it actually fires! Continue reading →

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