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  1. Our Guide to Airsoft Eye Protection

    Our Guide to Airsoft Eye Protection
    Discover our ultimate guide for beginners on the importance of eye protection, what safety features to look for, and the various types of protection available!
  2. Airsoft Arms, Hands and Torso Protection

    Airsoft player wearing tactical gloves In our latest piece on airsoft protective gear, we are looking at the clothes and gear you need to protect your arms, hands and torso when playing. The BBs fired from airsoft rifles can easily bruise your skin, particularly if you are playing close quarter combat, so having protection will mean you are not leaving at the end of the day in pain. Continue reading →
  3. How Do Bulletproof Vests Work?

    A bulletproof vest Bulletproof vests, more accurately called ballistic vests or bullet-resistant vests, are designed to decrease the chances of someone being injured from a round coming at them at a high rate of speed. Though we know the purpose of the vest, you may not know how the “bulletproof” aspect is accomplished. Continue reading →
  4. Airsoft Face, Neck and Head Protection

    Camouflage mesh mask for face protectionFollowing on from our previous blog on airsoft eye protection, we are looking at the protection required for your head and face. Though the pellets and BBs fired from airsoft guns are nowhere near as powerful as a bullet, they can still cut skin and leave a bruise. Like with eye protection, you don’t have to splash out that much for some basic quality head and face protection. Continue reading →
  5. Airsoft Eye Protection

    Man wearing glasses eye protection playing airsoft Eye protection in airsoft are the most important and mandatory pieces of safety equipment required. When skin is cut or bruised, it will heal with no long-term effects, but your eyes won’t. Spending the extra money on your eye protection, as you would to get a top range airsoft rifle can help improve the most basic protection you need. Continue reading →
  6. Four of Hollywood’s Most Formidable Exo Suits

    Iron Man in flight from the Marvel films. Humans are always looking for ways to improve upon the basics when it comes to technology. Advancements such as these are seen throughout history, from the first time a metal arrowhead was used, right up to modern air gun advancements (just check out the Daystate Pulsar PCP air rifle for an example of how far air guns have come). But what about the wearable technology we see so often on the Silver Screen? Power armour and exoskeletons are a tradition in science fiction, enhancing the abilities of the wearer and making them a much more formidable force. Although these devices often have deep roots in military technology, we haven’t really seen too many coming to the forefront of reality. Continue reading →
  7. Devtac & the Special Forces: Fact or Fiction?

    Airsofter posing with flare and airsoft guns. Devtac are known for making some pretty awesome airsoft gear (they’ve not ventured into airsoft guns, just some awesome looking armour) which makes people look like a mix of Boba Fett/Halo/Army of Two/General Grievous. Way back in March, we ran a story talking of the new Devtac Ronin Ballistic Helmet (found here for those of you who want to jog your memories), which was able to stop a .44 magnum slug at pretty close range. But they have started to up their game a little bit in recent years, producing ballistic armour capable of stopping live bullets, which caught the eye of Navy SEALs and Delta Force who decided to give the armour a test run… Or did they? Continue reading →
  8. Get Viper Clothing From Surplus Store Online

    Viper clothing available online at Surplus Store We don’t just stock guns and shooting equipment at Surplus Store, but also provide our customers with a range of clothing and accessories which can better your airsoft, hunting or paintballing experiences. Our online shop is a great way to browse through the clothing we offer and buy it straight away! Continue reading →
  9. Just How Do Tanks Defend Themselves from Incoming Missiles?

    U.S. Army M1 Abrams tank defends against missiles Tanks are large, fast-moving and heavily armed military vehicles, and seen as the primary offensive weapon of modern armies. For the past 100 years, engineers from opposing countries have been locked in an arms race to figure out the best way for protecting their own tanks and destroying others. Typically, protecting tanks consists of adding new and increasingly heavier armour plating, but there are new kinetic Active Protection Systems (APS) that are becoming popular alternatives. Continue reading →
  10. New Japanese-made ballistic helmet from Devtac unveiled, and it looks amazing!

    Devtac helmet Ronin II helmet It looks like it has been ripped straight from the comic books, but this new military helmet, designed to give special tactics units and special operations more protection is very much real and packed with a lot of nifty features! Dubbed Ronin II, the helmet has been created by Japan’s Devtac, alongside the Trust International Group, and is said to offer more protection and greater flexibility than current headgear. Continue reading →

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