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Deactivated Guns

  1. Movie Marathon: Awesome Films that Feature Airsoft Guns

    A reel of film. It’s not a far stretch to say that our fascination with warfare stems from the film industry and those epic scenes in all the movies that we love and enjoy, over and over again. And some of you eagle-eyed watchers out there may have already realised that airsoft guns are used as props in a lot of your favourite films. Continue reading →
  2. The Best Airsoft and Air Gun Real-Life Replicas

    AK47 replica available from Surplus Store Surplus Store has stopped selling deactivated guns recently, and there are a few reasons as to why. One is that we sell replicas, which are great alternatives to deactivated guns. Deactivated guns come at a higher price yet do not fire. Though the history is appealing to many and we too love the craftsmanship in deactivated guns, a fantastic substitute is an accurate replica that retails at a lower price. The great thing about replicas is that they actually fire something and can be used for airsoft or target practice meaning they have more than just the ‘fun’ factor! Continue reading →
  3. The guns you will be surprised are real

    expertly crafted hidden glove gun Since the 19th century, firearms have been disguised to hide inside innocent, everyday items like pens and lighters. These gadgets were especially popular during the time of the Cold War. Fraught with tension, murder and espionage, the world leaders turned to the best and brightest of their scientists and engineers to create the best – and well hidden- gizmos, gadgets and guns to help them best their enemies. Continue reading →
  4. Star Wars blasters differ from others in sci-fi because they’re real… Sort of

    Han Solo with deactivated gun modified to make DL-44 blaster Many of you out there will probably be familiar with the blasters featured in the Star Wars films, with iconic guns such as Han Solo’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. There’s probably a reason why these guns tend to stick in the mind so much, and that is because of how real they look. Unlike many other science fiction films (who create elaborate weapons you’d never seen in real-life) the guns in Star Wars have a different feel about them, and that is because most of them are made from real-life guns. Continue reading →
  5. Own a piece of history with these WWII deactivated guns

    Mosin-Nagant deactivated gun for sale at Surplus Store Did you know that alongside all of our other great products, we have a range of deactivated guns for sale? From pistols to machine guns, our guns have been fully decommissioned and hold a London or Birmingham proof mark and certificate. Continue reading →
  6. How Ian Fleming gave Bond the wrong gun

    Walther PPK James Bond Gun Deactivated Replica Firearms For Sale | Surplus Store Crawley Online Shop Bond, James Bond, a man feared by villains around the world – but he was almost a spy bad guys would have laughed at thanks to an error by the novelist who created him. That’s the news which has been making headlines now that the latest Bond film has been released. In the wake of SPECTRE’s cinema release, previously unseen private letters between novelist Ian Fleming and his fans have revealed how the first draft of the first Bond story saw the spy given a signature weapon, which at the time was a gun used predominantly by women. Continue reading →
  7. Have you seen our range of deactivated guns?

    Deactivated gun Glock 17 pistol with Compensator found at Crawley Surplus Store Did you know that alongside of all of our other great products, we have a range of deactivated guns for sale? From pistols to machine guns, our guns have been fully decommissioned, and hold a London or Birmingham proof mark and certificate. Owning one of these models is to really own your own piece of history, and as they are ever increasing in value, now is a perfect time to invest! Continue reading →

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