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  1. The Best Airsoft Sites In and Around London

    Best airsoft sites in and around London Airsoft is a much-loved hobby for people of all ages and backgrounds, and there are sites up and down the country where people can enjoy a good skirmish with other airsoft players. We have covered sites in Bristol, Wales and the Midlands, amongst others, but in this post we are looking towards the capital. Continue reading →
  2. Exciting New Airsoft Guns Showcased at IWA 2019

    Airsoft kit. Running from Friday 8th to Monday 11th March, the IWA Outdoor Classics is one of the most professionally organised and highly attended outdoor-sports events in Europe. Catering for all manner of outdoor sports enthusiasts, the thing that particularly excites us about the event is the amount of airsoft kit on show. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to attend this year, however, we have been keeping our ear to the ground and have put together a list of some of the most exciting upcoming guns that were exhibited at this year’s event. Continue reading →
  3. Nine of the Best Airsoft Game Types

    Man with airsoft gun Whether you’re looking for a full-scale military simulation or a scaled down close quarters battle with some friends, there will be a game type to suit you. If you’re the person organising the game type, you’ll have a lot more control than if you’re participating in someone else’s event, such as deciding how many times you can be mediced back in, the time limit, respawns etc. Continue reading →
  4. Airsoft Bucket List 2019

    2019 in sparklers. As we head into a new year, it’s time to start planning what 2019 has in store for you. While being spontaneous has its perks, planning some of the year ahead of time can ensure you don’t narrowly miss out on some of the great experiences that it has to offer. Continue reading →
  5. Are You Ready for the UK v USA International Airsoft Event?

    A man in a gasmask aiming an airsoft gun around cover Polish your boots, restock your magazines and give your airsoft guns a clean because there’s a war brewing… Continue reading →
  6. Pleasure Island set to host major airsoft event

    Pleasure Island entrance, soon to play host to a major airsoft event After whispers of will it, won’t it, it has finally been confirmed that Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes is set to play host to a major airsoft event. Continue reading →
  7. Join us at this year’s War and Peace Revival

    Come and visit us at the War and Peace Revival Next week will see some of the crew packing up a collection of our finest wares and heading to Folkstone Racecourse for the annual War and Peace Revival. Continue reading →
  8. The Walking Dead Apocalypse is coming to a city near you!

    The Walking Dead Apocalypse logo, where you use modified airsoft guns to shoot zombies There are many zombie experiences that occur both in the UK and across the pond, but now an officially licensed experience from The Walking Dead is coming to a city (hopefully) near you! Continue reading →
  9. Seeking entertainment in London? Why not throw some massive axes about?

    A throwing knife/axe stuck in a stump of wood We all have our different ways of relaxing and relieving stress. Some of us go to the driving range and ping some balls about, others of us use sport as a relief. But how do you fancy the idea of throwing axes at big wooden targets? In a game which is kind of like a game of darts, but a lot more entertaining! Continue reading →
  10. RPG Video Competition

    This is something we've been excited to share with our viewers. From this point on we will be holding a monthly competition where you will have the chance to win a £50.00 voucher to use in our store or online. Watch the video to find out more and hopefully we'll see you in our first RPG Competition. Email us a link to...

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