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  1. Types of Airsoft Hand Thrown Grenades

    Grenades for airsoft There are few cooler accessories within the airsoft community than grenades. The fact that in 2019, we are able to hurl semi-explosive devices at each other for fun, without fear of injury, is simply astonishing; and something we’re also rather pleased about! Grenades can often be overlooked by many airsoft players, as some see them as an unnecessary expense. However, we at Surplus Store are big fans of them. One of the great things about airsoft grenades is their versatility, and that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Not only this, but they can really add an element of realism to the game that players love. Continue reading →
  2. An Italian Company Are Crowdfunding a Bouncing Airsoft Mine

    Shot of the Enimine detonating. There are companies who are constantly looking at ways they can influence the world of airsoft, and Italian company idea3Di are looking to do just that with their latest invention, which they are claiming is the world’s first airsoft bouncing mine system. Continue reading →
  3. RPG Video Competition

    This is something we've been excited to share with our viewers. From this point on we will be holding a monthly competition where you will have the chance to win a £50.00 voucher to use in our store or online. Watch the video to find out more and hopefully we'll see you in our first RPG Competition. Email us a link to...

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