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  1. Why is My Airsoft Gun So Inaccurate?

    Why is My Airsoft Gun So Inaccurate?
    We all want to improve our accuracy when out on the field. And although airsoft isn't all about winning, we can all agree it can definitely make things more fun. If you're looking for accurate airsoft guns in the UK, check out our range here, at Surplus Store! We stock optics and various other accessories to help improve your aim and accuracy! Continue reading →
  2. What Makes a Good Airsoft Action Camera?

    What Makes a Good Airsoft Action Camera?
    How annoying is it when you pull off an amazing kill streak, and no one was there to see it? Pretty damn annoying is the answer. Well, we have the solution for you: action cameras. Continue reading →
  3. Situations You Could Do With a Silencer

    Situations You Could Do With a Silencer
    Also known as a suppressor, the subject of using a silencer in airsoft tends to spark controversy. Some airsoft players swear by them and won’t enter the skirmish field armed without one, whereas others don’t feel that they are beneficial. Continue reading →
  4. Why Choose HPA?

    Why Choose HPA?
    Debating between HPA and AEG? Check out reasons for why you should consider an HPA airsoft gun, their advantages and what they offer out on the field!
  5. 6 Backpack Essentials for Airsoft

    6 Backpack Essentials for Airsoft
    Being prepared for a great airsoft game means knowing what to pack in your backpack, and not just knowing how to shoot. We discuss the backpack essentials that can help ensure your victory!
  6. A Guide to Choosing Your First Airsoft Gun

    A Guide to Choosing Your First Airsoft Gun
    Advanced airsoft players will no doubt remember buying their first airsoft gun. It’s a big moment, and if you’re unsure of what you are looking for, it can be a complex one too! As one of the top sellers of airsoft guns in the UK, here at Surplus Store we are often asked similar questions from first-time buyers! With many...
  7. How to Improve Accuracy With a Slingshot

    How to Improve Accuracy With a Slingshot
    Improve your aim, power and efficiency with a sling with these tips, designed for beginners and intermediates looking to further improve their performance.
  8. Our How-To Guide for Becoming an Airsoft Grenadier

    Airsoft Grenadier You’ve no doubt been at an airsoft event, thinking things are going pretty well when all of a sudden you hear an almighty “whoosh” followed by a shower of BBs – and before you know it, you’re making the long walk to the safe zone. We are, of course, talking about the airsoft grenadier, which is a role we will be taking a look at in some more detail here. Continue reading →
  9. 7 Essential Airsoft Accessories

    Essential airsoft accessories What’s the most critical part of an airsoft loadout? The primary weapon, of course. But the accessories you use certainly go a long way towards improving your game. In this list, learn about seven essential accessories that you need when playing airsoft. Continue reading →
  10. A Guide to Airsoft Game Modes

    Guide to Airsoft Game Types Whether you are only just stepping foot into the world of airsoft or are a more experienced player, it is a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of the different game types. You may be surprised at how many different game types and scenarios there are that you can take part in. Airsoft games can be played with either a large or smaller team and can also take place in completely different environments like a forest or woodland or even a bunker or manmade village, and many more. Continue reading →

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