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James Bond

  1. Brand Profile: Walther

    Brand Profile: Walther
    Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen is a German manufacturer of air guns and firearms, founded over 100 years ago. Now a popularised brand for competitors, discover their history!
  2. The Skills You Need to Become a Spy

    A spy looks through binoculars. Perhaps the coolest job in the world, it is not surprising that many of us growing up wanted to be like James Bond, Britain’s most famous fictional spy. Looking into the world of Bond and other classic characters, the role of a spy is definitely something which is glamorised, and, of course, made to look so easy! It’s rare that we actually get an insight into the real-life world of spies (probably because the job calls for secrecy), and it got us thinking; what does it take to become a spy? Continue reading →
  3. Which Action Hero Would You Have in your Airsoft Team?

    Team members crouching behind cover with airsoft guns There is a plethora of action heroes that have been brought to us from films, books and video games who complete awe-inspiring feats and somehow come out of it unscathed. This got us thinking; if we could have any action hero standing next to us at our next skirmish, loaded to the gills with airsoft guns, who would we choose? With this in mind, we looked at a number of characters from over the years and contemplated their pros and cons to decide whether they would make a good teammate; which hero would you choose? Note – the action heroes we have picked here are all “normal” people – i.e. no superpowers! Continue reading →
  4. Best Bond Gunfights to Honour Boyle/Bond Duo

    *Warning, this post contains minor spoilers for Skyfall, Goldeneye and You Only Live Twice, so continue at your own risk* James Bond shootout. Continue reading →
  5. The Story Behind James Bond’s Air Pistol

    Sean Connery as James Bond, posing with an air pistol. James Bond is known to be the world’s most dangerous spy, an International Man of Mystery and an all-round suave gentleman. But did you know that in one of his most famous incarnations, he is seen holding an air pistol? Continue reading →
  6. James Bond’s Best Guns

    Anderson Wheeler rifle in Skyfall The 25th official James Bond film has been announced, with a release date of November 2019, though it is still unsure whether Daniel Craig will return for a fifth time to play the titular Bond. To celebrate the happy news that we will see the super spy grace our screens once again, and to keep us going while we wait over two years for it, we have taken a look at our favourite guns used by Bond since the popular franchise began in 1963. Continue reading →
  7. Facts and Figures about British Security Intelligence Service

    James Bond, a British spy We have all heard of MI5 and MI6, Britain’s counterintelligence and security agencies, and possibly all dreamed about being a spy, helped along with the Bond books and films that show it to be a rather fun and exciting lifestyle (which is no doubt very far from the truth). But how much do you know about the intelligence services that operate in the United Kingdom? We have taken a closer look. Continue reading →
  8. Fun facts about guns in pop culture

    guns in pop culture For many years, since Western films launched into popularity in Hollywood, guns have become an intrinsic part of cinema and pop culture as a whole. Whether you are a fan of the simple air gun or love the ridiculous machine guns seen in The Expendables franchise, you have to admit; guns add an element of fun to the silver screen. Continue reading →
  9. The guns you will be surprised are real

    expertly crafted hidden glove gun Since the 19th century, firearms have been disguised to hide inside innocent, everyday items like pens and lighters. These gadgets were especially popular during the time of the Cold War. Fraught with tension, murder and espionage, the world leaders turned to the best and brightest of their scientists and engineers to create the best – and well hidden- gizmos, gadgets and guns to help them best their enemies. Continue reading →
  10. Five contenders who could play the next James Bond

    James Bond aiming down the barrel of an air pistol If recent reports are to be believed, current Bond Daniel Craig has turned down an eye-watering amount of money (rumoured to be £60 million) to reprise his role as 007. There has been some speculation about whether or not he would carry on in the role, and if not, who would take his place… Continue reading →

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