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  1. The History of Hunting Knives

    The History of Hunting Knives
    Hunting is one the oldest sports to exist. It has fuelled our evolution and survival. Archaeologists have unearthed what they believe to be the earliest evidence of our ancient ancestors hunting and scavenging. The evidence mainly consists of 2-million-year-old animal bones and stone tools. Continue reading →
  2. How to Survive in the Wild With Just a Knife

    Hunting knife stuck in tree bark Before smartphones which gave you access to apps which hold extensive knowledge and data roaming so you can access GPS and maps when in the middle of nowhere, humans could survive with the most basic of tools; a knife. And today, if we just built up some basic knowledge, leaned on our innate survival instincts, and got ourselves a decent survival knife, we could do it again. Continue reading →
  3. The Benefits of Owning a Pocket Knife

    Swiss Army knife on wooden table. For centuries, men have owned pocket knives. Its origins stem back to the first century Romans, utilised by soldiers and explorers. The ultimate portable accompanying tools, the pocket knife was a useful instrument for men who were essentially always on the go, and this time-old tool still has many useful applications to modern-day. We take a look at some of the reasons why a pocket knife (particularly the Swiss Army knife) is a great thing to own and some of the things a pocket knife can do: Continue reading →
  4. Medieval Italian Man Replaced Amputated Hand with a Knife

    Hunting knife on a log Fiction has taught us that if you lose a hand or an arm, the most logical replacement for it is a blade or some other sharp object. Captain Hook did it when he lost his hand to the crocodile, Merle did it in The Walking Dead after being handcuffed on a roof and cutting off his hand to escape, and Ash Williams replaced one of his hands with a chainsaw in the Evil Dead II. But long before all of those, there was one man who had the idea of replacing his hand with a blade, and that man was T US 380! He might not be quite as well-known as Captain Hook, but his story is pretty incredible. Continue reading →
  5. What to Do in The Case of a Nuclear Emergency

    A mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion The news of the Doomsday Clock moving to two minutes to midnight due to the “threat” of nuclear war is one that has tongues wagging. For those of you who aren’t aware, the Doomsday Clock, which has been around since 1947, represents how close we are to the end of the world from a man-made catastrophe. With the recent false alarm in Hawaii and the fact that Donald Trump is in power of one of the most powerful countries in the world, people are seriously starting to brush up on their survival skills and assess what they need to do should the worst happen. Continue reading →
  6. Leatherman Multi-Tools Make the Perfect Gift this Christmas

    Leatherman Tread from Surplus Store It is just over three weeks until Christmas, so there is a lot of head-scratching currently going on about what gifts you are going to get for who. Well, allow us to (try and) make your search a little easier with our range of Leatherman multi-tool products. There is undoubtedly that friend or family member who is always doing something, for which a multi-tool will be the perfect gift this Christmas. Leatherman has over 30 years’ experience in building multi-tools, meaning they are at the forefront of the industry; we’ve looked at some examples of their fantastic products: Continue reading →
  7. Is It Bad Luck to Give Someone a Knife as a Gift?

    A Kukri knife available from Surplus Store Like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the inevitable head-scratching about what to buy for friends and family. Now, we have many fantastic items for you to gift your loved ones with this year, ranging from a stocking-filler knife to the more sizable Daystate Pulsar air rifle (which may be able to fit if your stocking is big enough… that joke never gets old!). Continue reading →
  8. Archaeologists Find Viking Brienne of Tarth

    Brienne of Tarth fighting Arya, similar to a real like Viking warrior Over a hundred years ago, a series of Viking graves were excavated near an ancient settlement called Birka in Sweden and were filled with items like swords, hunting knives, arrowheads and helmets. Because of these such items, the lead archaeologist, Hjalmar Stolpe assumed the occupants in the grave were male Viking warriors. But recent tests have found one of the most spectacular graves belonged to a woman. Continue reading →
  9. Helle Knives Should be Added to Your Survival Kit

    Helle survival knife, available from Surplus Store. Having a knife with you when out in the bush can assist you with so many things, and help with your overall survival. Surplus Store stock a range of Helle knives; hand-crafted Norwegian knives which can be as versatile as you need them to be. Continue reading →
  10. According to experts, this is how you can survive the next big pandemic

    A man in a gas mask Experts have stated that it’s not a matter of if, but when a global scale pandemic hits humanity; and we are apparently very unprepared for when it does. Continue reading →

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