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  1. U.S. Army is Buying Pepper Spray Paintball Guns

    A person firing a paintball gun. The U.S. Army is buying paintball guns that are designed for shooting pepper spray-filled paintballs as a form of non-lethal deterrent; it has been announced. The guns are said to give U.S. forces in Afghanistan the chance to disable potential threats without shooting them with live ammunition. The balls will explode on contact and create a cloud of pepper spray, incapacitating enemy personnel. Continue reading →
  2. U.S. Army Reveal New Super-Lightweight Helmet

    The U.S Army has unveiled a shakeup with some of its protective combat kit after it was announced that a new helmet is currently under development. A classic steel pot hat issued to the U.S. Army Continue reading →
  3. Do Battle with Secutor Arms For Airsoft

    Secutor Arms Gladius Black Grip Gold Barrel pistol When it comes to airsoft, you want to have the best guns. Secutor Arms, based in Taiwan, are becoming big players in the market with their range of airsoft guns, which includes pistols and shotguns. A ‘Secutor’ was a class of gladiator in Ancient Rome, who were experts in hand to hand combat. Secutor Arms have followed the gladiator symbolism with their guns, and their weapons take their place among the warriors who venture into close-quarters battle. Continue reading →
  4. Have a blast from the past with the new Umarex Legends Co2 pistols

    Umarex Legends German MP40 Legacy Edition New in at the Surplus Store are the Umarex Legends German MP40, and you can choose from the Legacy Edition or black. These Co2 powered air pistols have an impressive blowback effect, and their sound is truly remarkable. These pistols are definitely a must-have for any air gun enthusiasts. Continue reading →
  5. The Daystate Pulsar is the next air rifle to buy

    Daystate Pulsar air rifle The 177 Daystate Pulsar black synthetic PCP bullpup air rifle has been built on a decade of electronic airgun success. With its unique ergonomics and computer-controlled sophisticated motherboard and software, the Pulsar is a revolutionary and the pinnacle of a modern airgun. Continue reading →
  6. Get to grips with the KWC air pistols in Surplus Store

    KWC air pistol available at Surplus Store Surplus Store now has a fantastic range of KWC air pistols, including Co2 and blow back pistols. One of leading manufacturers in air pistols and BB guns, KWC continue to deliver great quality air pistols that are great fun to shoot. Continue reading →
  7. The high-tech Brocock Compatto and Brocock Bantam

    Brocock Bantam SurplusStore.co.uk has some fantastic new air guns in stock, the Brocock Compatto and Brocock Bantam. These are excellent examples of air rifles at their finest, and are increasingly becoming the go-to choice of airgun enthusiasts across the world. Continue reading →
  8. SRUnion Scar-L Bullpup and G17/18 Carbine Kit Overview CSS

    Now this is something Gun Tech Dan has been getting excited about for a while, and after a long wait has finally arrived! All the way from Taiwan, Dan takes a look at SR Unions new 3D printed Bullpup kits for the WE Scar-H and Gen 3 Glock models. After examining the quality, build and practicality of the kits Dan...
  9. Watch this space for airsoft bullpup kits

    SRU SCAR-L bullpup kit for airsoft guns How do you fancy being some of the first people in the UK to get their hands on a bullpup kit for your WE SCAR-L and Glock airsoft guns? Well, luckily for you, you will be able to do just that very shortly, courtesy of the kits from SRU Precision.   Continue reading →
  10. Arise Sir Galahad, the latest arrival from Air Arms

    The new Galahad air rifle from Air Arms airguns In Arthurian legend, Sir Galahad is noted as being the most noble, virtuous and purest of the Knights of the Round Table, and accompanied King Arthur on his quest for the Holy Grail. It seems fitting that the latest airgun from Air Arms is named Galahad, as it encompasses strength, power and accuracy. Continue reading →

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