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  1. Sig Sauer MPX & MCX C02 Rifle Overview

    [caption id="attachment_672" align="aligncenter" width="625" class=" "]Dan takes a look at Sig sauer's brand new MPX & MCX in .177 & .22 Dan takes a look at Sig sauer's brand new MPX & MCX[/caption] After a long wait Dan is back from fighting bears in America and straight into another gun overview. This time Dan takes a look at the highly anticipated Sig Sauer MPX and MCX in black, .177... only. Sig Sauer are yet to release a date for the Tan and .22 models. In the video Dan draws attention to the very realistic and fantastic build quality of both rifles. Continue reading →
  2. Tips for Building Your Own Shooting Range

    Shooting Range Many of you will know the immensely rewarding feeling and an overwhelming sense of achievement when you land a perfect shot. Whether you’re on the airsoft field and eliminate an enemy from long range or you’re competition shooting and hit the middle ring, it’s a great feeling. Unfortunately, for many of us, the time we can spend with a gun in our hands is dictated by the amount of time we can spend in the various shooting areas, such as ranges, battlefields and alike. From Monday to Friday, we don’t often have the opportunity to grab our gear, which means the muscle memory is fading. This is why the idea of having your own shooting range is such an appealing one. In this article, we take a look at some of the factors to consider when thinking about building a prime shooting range to improve your sharpshooting skills. Continue reading →
  3. Sig Sauer P226 and P250 CO2 pistol overview

    Line up of three Sig Sauer P226 and P250 CO2 air pistols We have a new video for all of you out there to enjoy, with Dan casting his keen eye over the officially licensed Sig Sauer P226 and P250 CO2 air pistols. The pistols are fired using a .177 pellet or a .177 copper/steel BB, depending on your preference. Word of warning, however, as Dan does not recommend the BB’s, due to the pistols having a rifled barrel, and they may cause the gun some damage. Continue reading →
  4. How would the American Air Force defend against Godzilla?

    Could you defend yourself against Godzilla using a pellet gun from Surplus Store? In true American style, the Air Force have taken measures to ensure that they have the means to defeat Godzilla, should he ever emerge from the ocean and wreak havoc on all of Japan. In a recent video, Senior Airman Mark Hermann and Master Sergeant Jason Edwards from the Air Force’s 18th Wing, located at Kadena Air Base in Japan believe they have the solution to sending the Kaiju back to the briny depths from whence he came. Continue reading →

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