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  1. Brand Profile: Umarex

    Brand Profile: Umarex
    Arguably one of the most-loved manufacturers around, Umarex’s air guns are some of the most recognisable in the sport, sometimes not even as Umarex rifles! One of the early trailblazers in Europe, Umarex’s start is responsible for its present, and why their guns are some of the most coveted around. The History of Umarex Umarex, initially known as Mayer &...
  2. How to Build Your Perfect Airsoft Loadout

    Build a perfect airsoft loadout Updated: January 2020. A loadout is essentially a technical term for your airsoft attire, consisting of the head and body protection and tactical gear. The loadout can copy a real-life military loadout or can be customised to suit your approach to a game. Continue reading →
  3. Do 3D Printed Weapons Pose a Threat?

    3d printer In 2013, news channels across the world starting to take notice of Cody Wilson, the owner of Defence Distributed, US-based company responsible for the first 3D printed gun. The gun was titled ‘The Liberator’ and the designs were made available to download for free from the internet. Six years have passed since and we take a look at how 3D printing has evolved, and whether 3D printed firearms pose a viable threat. Continue reading →
  4. M1 Garand: The Most Expensive Rifle

    The M1 Garand rifles. Referred to as “the greatest battle implement ever devised” by General George Patton, an M-1 Garand was the most expense rifle ever auctioned according to a recent article by Forbes. Continue reading →
  5. A Closer Look at Thomas Shelby’s (Peaky Blinders) Personal Weapon

    Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) using his Webley .455 Mk VI in Peaky Blinders For people who have been living under a rock since 2013, Peaky Blinders is an epic gangster drama set on the lawless streets of Birmingham in the 1920s. The BBC production follows the Shelby family, fearsome gangsters led by Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy). Like any gangster drama, there are great shootouts, fight scenes and guns. Continue reading →
  6. Adam Savage Takes a Closer Look at Blade Runner Blasters

    Harrison Ford from Blade Runner. Please note – there are no spoilers in this article so if you haven’t seen Blade Runner 2049, you are safe in the knowledge that we haven’t ruined it for you! Adam Savage, everyone’s favourite Mythbuster and all-round geek (in the best way!) is no stranger to a science fiction weapon. It was nearly a year ago that we wrote about him finally completing his Fifth Element rifle replica (which you can find here), and now he is back investigating the firearms from another classic sci-fi film; Blade Runner. Much like a giddy child heading into a sweet shop, Savage visited Blade Runner 2049 prop master Doug Harlocker to clap eyes on more than a dozen blasters from the new film, as well as from the classic ‘80s film. Continue reading →
  7. The Best Airsoft and Air Gun Real-Life Replicas

    AK47 replica available from Surplus Store Surplus Store has stopped selling deactivated guns recently, and there are a few reasons as to why. One is that we sell replicas, which are great alternatives to deactivated guns. Deactivated guns come at a higher price yet do not fire. Though the history is appealing to many and we too love the craftsmanship in deactivated guns, a fantastic substitute is an accurate replica that retails at a lower price. The great thing about replicas is that they actually fire something and can be used for airsoft or target practice meaning they have more than just the ‘fun’ factor! Continue reading →
  8. The guns you will be surprised are real

    expertly crafted hidden glove gun Since the 19th century, firearms have been disguised to hide inside innocent, everyday items like pens and lighters. These gadgets were especially popular during the time of the Cold War. Fraught with tension, murder and espionage, the world leaders turned to the best and brightest of their scientists and engineers to create the best – and well hidden- gizmos, gadgets and guns to help them best their enemies. Continue reading →
  9. Adam Savage finally completes Fifth Element rifle after 17 years of work!

    Zorg ZF-1 rifle replica as built by Adam Savage Adam Savage, the former presenter of MythBusters, has been working hard for 17 long years on his replica of the Zorg ZF-1 pod weapon from Luc Besson’s classic sci-fi film “The Fifth Element”, and the effort he put it in astounding. Continue reading →
  10. Real firing version of Han Solo’s blaster given a test run

    Han Solo posing with his DL-44 blaster, similar to our air pistol selection With Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiering this week, the world has been going crazy for all things associated with the film franchise. This has spawned a video of Jerry Miculek, often dubbed “The Greatest Shooter of all Time” to have a go at using a two real firing version of Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster pistol! Continue reading →

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