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Spy Guns

  1. Futuristic Guns That Already Exist

    Person wearing a full face mask for airsoft Guns are just things that fire bullets, right? Wrong! Despite what sci-fi movies might have you believe, futuristic weapons aren’t just something of the future; they’re something of the present too. We’ve done our homework and put together a list of some of the coolest and most futuristic weapons out there. Most of these are for military use only, which means there is little to no chance they’ll be available for purchase, which is more than likely a good thing. That said, if you are looking for something you can get your hands on today, then check out our catalogue of Air Rifles!   Continue reading →
  2. Someone Has Made a Real-Life Umbrella Gun From Kingsman

    Real life umbrella gun from Kingsman For anyone who has an interest in alternate ways to do airsoft and a fan of the spy action comedy films Kingsman, you will be happy to know someone has built a real-life version of the umbrella gun used by Colin Firth in the original film Kingsman: The Secret Service and its sequel. Continue reading →
  3. A Look at the Weird and Wonderful CIA Gadgets from History

    The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently celebrated its 70-year anniversary on September 18, and although it is a branch of the US Government that is steeped in secrecy, there are certain elements that have been made public. One of our favourite things to do is look at technology and how it has developed over time. We need only look around our shop to see how airsoft guns have developed over the years, so that got us thinking… How has the CIA’s gear changed over the years? Continue reading →
  4. The Best Spy Gadgets from Kingsman

    Shot from Kingsman: The Secret Service The sequel to the spy action-comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service is due for release next month. The surprise hit, based on the comic of the same name, made many references to old spy film classics, such as early Bond films, particularly with the many gadgets and inventive weapons. Continue reading →
  5. James Bond’s Best Guns

    Anderson Wheeler rifle in Skyfall The 25th official James Bond film has been announced, with a release date of November 2019, though it is still unsure whether Daniel Craig will return for a fifth time to play the titular Bond. To celebrate the happy news that we will see the super spy grace our screens once again, and to keep us going while we wait over two years for it, we have taken a look at our favourite guns used by Bond since the popular franchise began in 1963. Continue reading →
  6. Facts and Figures about British Security Intelligence Service

    James Bond, a British spy We have all heard of MI5 and MI6, Britain’s counterintelligence and security agencies, and possibly all dreamed about being a spy, helped along with the Bond books and films that show it to be a rather fun and exciting lifestyle (which is no doubt very far from the truth). But how much do you know about the intelligence services that operate in the United Kingdom? We have taken a closer look. Continue reading →
  7. The history of the CIA’s silenced pistol

    Gary Powers & Kelly Johnson in 1966 They might not work exactly as they do in the films, but silencers, or suppressors as they are also known, do a job of making gunfire quieter. For this reason, silenced variations of guns are preferred by many organisations, including the CIA. The suppressed pistol was issued to intelligence operatives as far back as World War II, but the story of the CIA’s pistol of choice begins on the 1st May 1960. Continue reading →
  8. The guns you will be surprised are real

    expertly crafted hidden glove gun Since the 19th century, firearms have been disguised to hide inside innocent, everyday items like pens and lighters. These gadgets were especially popular during the time of the Cold War. Fraught with tension, murder and espionage, the world leaders turned to the best and brightest of their scientists and engineers to create the best – and well hidden- gizmos, gadgets and guns to help them best their enemies. Continue reading →

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