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Throwing Knives

  1. Seeking entertainment in London? Why not throw some massive axes about?

    A throwing knife/axe stuck in a stump of wood We all have our different ways of relaxing and relieving stress. Some of us go to the driving range and ping some balls about, others of us use sport as a relief. But how do you fancy the idea of throwing axes at big wooden targets? In a game which is kind of like a game of darts, but a lot more entertaining! Continue reading →
  2. Japanese prefecture is seeking to recruit six full time ninjas

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who have been known to utilise a throwing knife Are you the sort of person who gets bored of their day to day life and dreams of packing it all in to becoming a ninja? Well, you’re in luck! As reported in Japan Today, Aichi Prefecture on the central Honshu Island of Japan are actively seeking six full time ninjas, to help promote tourism at Nagoya Castle, which dates back to 1610. Continue reading →

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