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  1. The Guns from Bad Boys (1995)

    The Guns from Bad Boys In 1995, the action-comedy Bad Boys was released, and it soon became a well-loved film. The main stars in the movie are Will Smith (Mike Lowrey) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett) who feature as Miami Police Department narcotics detectives. The plot of the film follows the pair as they set out to protect a witness of murder. Meanwhile, they also investigate a case regarding a dangerous drug lord who stole $100 million worth of heroin from the evidence storage room of their police department. Continue reading →
  2. 5 Iconic Guns from TV and Film

    Smith & Wesson *WARNING – SPOILERS AHEAD* This piece of content contains spoilers from movies and TV shows – so read at your own risk - you have been warned! Throughout the many years of TV and film, there has been a variety of guns that we couldn’t imagine our favourite characters without. Here we’re taking a look some of the most iconic guns, mostly from film but with the addition of one entry from a TV series. Continue reading →
  3. New Season of Hollywood Weapons Streaming on Netflix

    Hollywood sign. We’ve been binging on the latest season of Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction on Netflix recently. Season two dropped on UK Netflix on 15th July, offering subscribers seven episodes of the eight-parter to watch. Interestingly, Netflix seems to entirely skip over episode seven in which Terry and Larry investigate several iconic scenes from westerns ­– testing whether it’s possible to shoot a cowboy hat straight off a bad guy’s head or whether a single shot from a Colt revolver could, in fact, break shackles. Unfortunately, you guys will have to wonder about this episode unless you can find an alternative way of watching it. Continue reading →
  4. A Closer Look at Thomas Shelby’s (Peaky Blinders) Personal Weapon

    Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) using his Webley .455 Mk VI in Peaky Blinders For people who have been living under a rock since 2013, Peaky Blinders is an epic gangster drama set on the lawless streets of Birmingham in the 1920s. The BBC production follows the Shelby family, fearsome gangsters led by Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy). Like any gangster drama, there are great shootouts, fight scenes and guns. Continue reading →
  5. Giant Robots Set to Battle to the Death Because Why Not?!

    America’s giant fighting robot. It sounds like a cross between Transformers and Real Steel, but the USA is about to take on Japan in an interesting battle; a giant robot battle, to be precise. The people behind MegaBot and KURATAS robots have confirmed that their giant wrecking machines will come head-to-head in a fight which has been two years in the offing. Continue reading →
  6. Archaeologists Find Viking Brienne of Tarth

    Brienne of Tarth fighting Arya, similar to a real like Viking warrior Over a hundred years ago, a series of Viking graves were excavated near an ancient settlement called Birka in Sweden and were filled with items like swords, hunting knives, arrowheads and helmets. Because of these such items, the lead archaeologist, Hjalmar Stolpe assumed the occupants in the grave were male Viking warriors. But recent tests have found one of the most spectacular graves belonged to a woman. Continue reading →
  7. The History Behind Game of Thrones’ Anti Dragon Weapon

    Bronn using the Scorpion to try and take down a dragon. If you are not up to date with Game of Thrones series seven, turn away now, there will be dark spoilers ahead… Continue reading →
  8. Ridiculous gun myths from films, debunked

    gun myths seen in films debunked For most people, what they know about guns comes from films, and sadly a lot of it is not always correct. The writers of Hollywood just don’t seem to fact check when they include guns into their work and that means there are a fair few completely incorrect ideas about how guns operate. Continue reading →
  9. The Walking Dead fan predicts number of humans remaining on Earth

    Fire pellet guns to survive The Walking Dead “The Walking Dead” has been going strong on our screens for six series so far, but the longer it lasts, the increasingly dire the whole situation looks for the survivors. You get the gentle influx of new characters every once in a while, but the 7 billion strong human population seems to have dwindled and succumbed to the virus. But just how many people are left in the world, and trying to survive the apocalypse like Rick and the gang? Continue reading →

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