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  1. How the Cold War Started

    How the Cold War Started
    For anyone interested in military history, the Cold War is an intriguing part the of post-World War Two period, affecting Europe and America's relationships. The enormous sense of distrust between Russia and the West created decades of unease. Continue reading →
  2. Situations You Could Do With a Silencer

    Situations You Could Do With a Silencer
    Also known as a suppressor, the subject of using a silencer in airsoft tends to spark controversy. Some airsoft players swear by them and won’t enter the skirmish field armed without one, whereas others don’t feel that they are beneficial. Continue reading →
  3. A Brief Timeline of the Cold War

    A Brief Timeline of the Cold War
    Discover our beginner’s timeline for the Cold War, highlighting key moments in the conflict between the USA and Soviet Union. Our timeline traces history from WWII to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
  4. Tips and Skills to Practise to Improve Your Airsoft Game

    Tips and Skills to Practise to Improve Your Airsoft Game
    Discover our top tips for practising your skills off the airsoft field! We advise on cardio training, being light on your feet and good communication!
  5. 5 Military Tactics for Your Airsoft Team

    5 Military Tactics for Your Airsoft Team
    Airsoft is just a game, but inspiration can be taken from real-life military tactics and implemented on the airsoft battleground to lead your team to victory!
  6. Does Airsoft Hurt? How to Reduce BB Pain and Impact

    Does Airsoft Hurt? How to Reduce BB Pain and Impact
    Like with any game that features some kind of weapon, many worry that playing airsoft can be painful. How painful is airsoft in reality, and how can you reduce pain and impact from BBs?
  7. How to Improve Accuracy With a Slingshot

    How to Improve Accuracy With a Slingshot
    Improve your aim, power and efficiency with a sling with these tips, designed for beginners and intermediates looking to further improve their performance.
  8. Who Were The Real Peaky Blinders?

    Real Peaky Blinders Since first airing all the way back in 2013, Peaky Blinders has gone from strength to strength. The BBC show, now awaiting its sixth season, has captured the collective imaginations of both fans in the UK and abroad. However, although the story may seem entirely fictitious, the show is very much rooted in fact. Here, we’ll be taking a look at the myths and legends that came to inspire one of the most successful UK TV shows of the past decade. Continue reading →
  9. The Best UK Gun Shows | Two Tickets Please

    People playing airsoft Now that we’re in a new year, we enter a new round of trade shows, events and fairs that offer an excellent chance to get up close and personal with guns, guns and more guns! Whether you’re looking for a new airsoft rifle, considering upgrades for your airgun or advancing into the real steel world, these shows will have everything you need and more! You’ll also get a chance to chat with manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other people of similar interests, or maybe even find a new airsoft buddy! Most of these shows are in the major cities, so if you live in the sticks you may have to travel a bit, but we’re sure it’ll be worth it! Continue reading →
  10. How Does the New Jack Ryan Measure Up?

    Actor, John Krasinski, who plays Jack Ryan. If you haven’t been watching the new Amazon series Jack Ryan, what have you been doing with your evenings? This new show is by far one of the most anticipated series of 2018, but since its release on 31st August, its left the critics torn, and many people wondering if it’s even worth a watch if recent reviews are anything to go by. Jack Ryan, one of the public’s favourite fictional analyst, has been a character played by many iconic Hollywood figures, such as Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin, and now, The Office (U.S) actor turned big movie star John Krasinski is bringing his own style to Tom Clancy’s action analyst. Continue reading →

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