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  1. Airsoft Bucket List 2021

    Airsoft Bucket List 2021
    As we head toward the end of another year, it’s time to start looking at what 2021 should have in store for us. We’ve all had a lot of time to think and plan out what we want next year to look like.
  2. Scientist Confirms Zombies Could Never Exist

    Close up of a zombie’s face. Unfortunately, we stumbled across some potentially devastating news for all of you horror fans out there; zombies are not, and will never, be real… at least not yet anyway! This news comes from Dr Steven Schlozman, also known as Dr Zombie, who claims that we won’t ever need to worry about fight off hoards of the undead. Continue reading →
  3. Just One Country Would Survive a Real Zombie Apocalypse, Mathematicians Say

    Close up of zombie in a military helmet The fictional zombie apocalypse is an excellent source of entertainment for many people. Films, TV shows, video games, even airsoft events are all based on such an eventuality. Continue reading →
  4. The History of America’s Zombie Apocalypse Plan

    Close up of a zombie’s face. They may be one of the great military powerhouses in the world, but even the United States isn’t taking any chances at being caught off-guard by the hoard of the undead. In 2011, the U.S. Department of Defense released a strategy that would be used to combat a potential zombie apocalypse. While the opponents may be fictional, the military was very serious in their plans. Continue reading →
  5. 11% of Britons Have a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan

    Survivors from the Walking Dead. It seems that every other week the “end of the world” is upon us. Saturday, September 23 was supposed to spell the end of our fair planet as we know it, but the alarms going off this morning show that they were wrong once again! So-called “experts” have now predicted that the end will be October 21, but how prepared are you for the end of days? Continue reading →
  6. These are the Weapons You Should Grab in a Zombie Apocalypse

    Which weapon would you choose in a zombie apocalypse We have all thought about what our survival method would be in a zombie apocalypse, be it heading to a supermarket where there is a huge amount of food, going to an underground bunker or the crazier option of picking up a weapon and heading out to destroy the zombies! Continue reading →
  7. Fancy surviving the zombie apocalypse? These experts claim they know how

    Rick Grimes and zombies from The Walking Dead So the end is nigh and the dead are walking the streets again… What do you do?! Most of the zombie fans out there probably have a plan set out of what they will do should this catastrophic event kick off. Continue reading →
  8. The Walking Dead Apocalypse is coming to a city near you!

    The Walking Dead Apocalypse logo, where you use modified airsoft guns to shoot zombies There are many zombie experiences that occur both in the UK and across the pond, but now an officially licensed experience from The Walking Dead is coming to a city (hopefully) near you! Continue reading →
  9. Zombie Outbreak interactive attraction arrives in Florida (and we’re jealous!)

    Zombie man as seen at Zombie Outbreak, where guns similar to airsoft guns are used America like to one-up us Brits with their attractions, and a live-action zombie attraction which opened up just down the road from the Universal Orlando Resort is seeking to do just that. We have a few zombie-based events run here in the UK, but most only happen a few times a year, whereas Zombie Outbreak is a seven day a week attraction (hence our jealousy!). Continue reading →

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