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Airsoft is a unique sport as, despite its rapid growth in recent years, it has still managed to retain a community-centric approach and attitude; with new players being welcomed, which is rarely seen in other larger sports. New players are met with a warm reception by other more experienced players and helped to get ‘up to speed’ with the rules of the sport and any nuances they should be aware of that apply to a particular site or game type.

It’s unreasonable to assume that airsoft will continue to grow at the pace it has been in recent years and we expect that the rate of new players joining will slow down. However, it’s vital that airsoft retains this community approach if it is to continue to grow at all. In this article, we explore the various ways we can all contribute to the airsoft community and ensure it remains in people’s good books!

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The Cardinal Rule

Excessive swearing and aggressive ‘banter’ qualifies you as an obnoxious player. If you have to ask yourself if you are being one, you probably are so cut it out, no one likes that guy and no one should want to be that guy! It ruins it for everyone around you and will ruin it for you too!

Support New Players

One of the most important ways we can contribute to the community and help the sport to grow is by helping out new players at our local arenas/sites. Whether they have come on their own or are trying it out together with a group of friends, chances are they’ll be pretty lost without a bit of guidance from more experienced and regular players. If they are completely new, sit down with them and run through some gun basics, including firing, taking hits and general safety precautions. It’s important that new players are safe on the field as they could potentially cause harm to themselves or others.

Remember, although some friendly advice goes a long way, there’s a fine line between helpful and patronising; no one wants to be talked down to, even the new folk!

If you and some of the other regular players split up and have one or two newbies in your team, they’ll feel included and have a chance to learn whilst playing. If they turn up to a new site and have a great time, it’s likely they’ll go away and tell their friends about what a great experience they had and encourage them to come along too. Making an effort to spend some time up front with new players will make a massive difference, and if all experienced players did this, the sport would grow super quickly!

Airsoft team in a wooded airsoft site

Volunteering for Your Site

This may be less relevant for you if you live a distance from your nearest site as you probably won’t get to play as often. However, if you live close to your favourite airsoft field, why not round up some fellow players and spend a day volunteering to repair and rejuvenate the site? Some sites are run on a shoestring budget and depend on the community to help them run. As the saying goes, many hands make light work, so offering just a few hours will make the world of difference and ensure that your site can continue to offer high-quality airsoft experiences in the future. Plus, this gives you a reason to grab a bit more time on the field, get a sneaky advantage over other players and might even earn you a game day or two.

Supporting Other Local Sites

If you’re fortunate enough to live close to more than one airsoft field/arena, why not check out the others you visit less? You and your pals visiting a new site could lead to you finding a new favourite airsoft location! Spreading the word of your local sites to friends, family, co-workers and anyone that’ll listen can quickly lead to new people visiting the site and for them to build a brand new audience.

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No Bad PR

Airsoft is an extremely sensitive topic for some people. Some are against the sport because of the use of replica guns, or for people shooting at each other, and others are set against it for no reason at all. The lifeblood of airsoft is the group of to keep the sport thriving and eliminate any possible bad pieces of press.

Be a Good Player

We’ve recently written an article on bad airsoft habits and practises and we’d advise any newer players to familiarise themselves with this to ensure you don’t get yourself in the bad books of your fellow players or the host site. Simple things like calling your hits, keeping your cool and having the right airsoft attitude will ensure that everyone has a good game and that people will want to play with and against you again. Remember, part of being a good player is being a good loser, if people want to play against you, chances are it’s because they know you’re a good sport!

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