One of the classic and original target and hunting tools, slingshots are a great way to test your skills outside of airsoft. Slingshots have come a long way since the stereotypical wooden, v-shaped designs popularised by Bart Simpson – modern slingshots are a significant piece of kit!

As many people will attest, firing a slingshot is an addictive pursuit, particularly when you begin to develop the essential skills involved. Whether you’re hunting or only firing at targets, if you’re at the stage where you want to improve your aim and power, check out these tips!

Place Your Ammo Correctly

Something that can catch a lot of beginners out at the beginning is the ammo and its placement. Firstly, although it should go without saying, you should always look to use rounded ammo, such as the ammo designed specifically for slingshots. If you’re using anything else that’s not perfectly rounded, this will inevitably lead to inaccurate shots.

Once you have your ammo, you should take extra care as to where in the pouch it is placed. Take time to ensure your pellet is placed directly in the centre of the pouch, as this will help it stay on the straight and narrow through the air.

Round metal ball bearings of different sizes

Straighten Your Shot

Images of people quick drawing and firing slingshots off the cuff can be exciting, but it’s not a great practice. If you want a straight and efficient pellet, how the slingshot is positioned plays a vital role.

Alignment between the pouch, forks and target goes a long way to delivering an accurate shot. Any inaccuracies can lead to a change in trajectory, reduced power or, if way off, can even cause injury.

For beginners, it’s always recommended that you hold the slingshot either vertically or horizontally, whichever feels most comfortable. Keeping it in a normal position, as opposed to on the diagonal, makes it considerably easier to ensure the sling is being pulled and released straight in comparison to the forks.

Consider Archery Posture

Once you have the ideal pellet placement and your slingshot is aligned, you should see more accurate shots. However, there are other ways that you can get more accuracy, many of them relating to your body position.

In this respect, slingshooting has many similarities with archery – many people enjoy both of these sports for their likeness. If you wish to improve your accuracy with a slingshot further, you simply need to treat it the same way you would a bow and arrow.

It is often recommended that you stand side-on to your target, pulling the slingshot close to your cheek so your eye stares down the path. You should ensure that your feet provide a solid foundation while also waiting until a natural pause in your breathing, often after exhaling, before shooting can also improve your aim.

A man aiming and firing a crossbow

Develop A Routine

Once you have the basics nailed down and are starting to see accurate shots, it’s then a case of developing consistency. With all shooting sports, the most effective way of creating a consistent performance is establishing a routine from the start of your shot to the end.

Make sure that you follow through all the procedures in a way that is most comfortable for you. This routine should include loading the sling, body position, aiming and firing.

By following these simple tips and tricks, everyone should be able to take their slingshooting to the next level! If you have any other methods that help you to produce the perfect shot, why not share them with others on our social media channels?

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